Choosing The Best Radiators For Your Bathroom

Choosing The Best Radiators For Your Bathroom

You might not consider your bathroom high up on the priority list when it comes to decorating; however, when you consider that it is the sanctuary where you prepare to face the day, relax and wind down at the end of it and visit throughout the day, it becomes quite important.

You need to feel comfortable in the bathroom, but even the most stunning design and décor won’t help you to relax if the room is cold. For this reason, you should give due consideration to your radiator.

Heated towel rails

Beautiful chrome heated towel rails have spelled luxury in top hotel rooms for a long time; now, they are hugely popular in domestic bathrooms. The ladder style looks great, and they are very affordable. No more damp towels hanging around! They come in a range of sizes and colours.

Stainless steel

A stainless steel radiator is a statement of elegance, especially in a vertical style, and it will go very well with all styles and tastes. It is easy to clean and because it does not rust, is a perfect choice for a bathroom or even wet room. The hardest decision might be polished or satin finish!

Aluminium radiators

For something ultra-modern, have a look at aluminium radiators to make the most of the height of your room. Aluminium is a great conductor of heat, with the design statement also hot! They are easy to install and are energy efficient.

Traditional bathroom radiators

Traditional radiators are perfect for a period property or to achieve a nostalgic look, and they offer a great heating option that will also warm towels. There are options for traditional plumbed central heating systems and also electric and even dual fuel versions. Of course, there is no reason you shouldn’t combine traditional with a modern towel rail for a bold statement.

Homebuilding and Renovating has some more advice on choosing the right radiator for your bathroom. For the biggest range of radiators for your bathroom, visit a specialist retailer such as to get plenty of advice and ideas.

Enjoy decorating your bathroom – it really is the most important room in the house. Getting it right and knowing you have the perfect place to de-stress makes an enormous difference.

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