Romantic Escape To Kerala

Romantic Escape To Kerala

Romantic getaways are required every once in a while, especially when it’s your first trip together after marriage. One of such best romantic getaway you can have is to Kerala, which has to offer a lot. You can relish long soothing walks besides the beach, pamper yourself by staying in luxury resorts, and have candlelit dinner. Enjoy the trip to Kerala with the most romantic destinations, and cherish such lifetime memories.

  1. Chembra Peak in Wayanad

Chembra Peak, in the district of Wayanad, is one of the highest peaks in Kerala. Along with this beautiful peak, there is a heart shaped lake, would set the romantic mood and vibes. This lake has always been filled with water in it. It is the best destination where you can get to trek and walk around for about 1 or 2 km. The atmosphere around this lake is very misty and breezy, along with being snowy too. It is best for camping as well, where at night you can just relax and have the beautiful view of sky filled with stars.

  1. Treehouse and Waterfall

This destination is rarely visited and missed out by tourists who visit Kerala. But it is truly a mesmerizing sight to see, so don’t miss out on this. This treehouse resort along with heavenly waterfall is based in Athirappilly. You can get to experience the beautiful sunrise and sunset here, and also do some swimming in pool which is faced against the waterfall.

  1. Floating cottages

This is a very unique way of relishing your trip, which you will remember for lifetime. Floating cottages are around the Poovar beach with endless golden seaside sand. You will get to experience the crimson sunset, emerald backwaters, coconut palms, and an absolute magical ambience.

  1. Houseboat Cruise

Backwaters in Kerala offer that ultimate romantic getaway. You can either go to Kumarakom or Allepey, as both provide you that amazing houseboat stay. Along with bedrooms and bathrooms, such houseboats are very well equipped, that offers you with small kitchens, personal butler, and lounging area. Kumarakom is more visited by couples who are looking for personal time, compared to Allepey as it is a bit crowded. The best time to enjoy the backwaters in Kerala is between August and February.

  1. Tea Gardens

Munnar in Kerala has the most beautiful tea garden, along with combination of sunshine during dawn and white mist, and it is during this time, when ladies prepare to pluck out the fresh leaves of tea. You can enjoy walking around the mountains which are filled with tea gardens. Enjoy the amazing bird calls, nature, tea fragrance, waterfall, and echo point.

So take a trip to Kerala, anytime of the season, where you will surely have your privacy along with your loved one. You can also enjoy Ayurvedic Spa therapy, which would be available in most hotels.You, can avail Kerala honeymoon tour package, as well, and have it all pre-planned, so you don’t have to fuss about any last minute arrangement and planning.

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