The Biggest 2019 Winter Decor Trends

The Biggest 2019 Winter Decor Trends

As the darker, colder nights sink their icy tendrils into our lives for a few months, we all find ourselves spending more time indoors, surrounded by home comforts. This delivers a winter decor ating dilemma to all homeowners, leaving us with the choice of taking advantage of doing all the hard work without the summer heat or keeping ourselves cosy and leaving it until spring.

However, that would mean missing out on some super-stylish decor trends which would look original, striking and seasonally fabulous if we put the work in now. Here are the biggest trends in winter decor that will spruce up your living space for 2019.

Modern neutrals

A combination of contemporary elements, some of which you’ll already have in your home, this simple look is perfect for the kitchen or dining room and focuses on natural-looking furniture and stripped timbers.

This look emphasises the sandy finish of natural wood, which allows you to combine other, more laid-back colours in your walls and wares. You can also create an intriguing contrast if you have darker, polished floorboards. You probably have plenty of furniture that will work already, with a little added craftiness, so check out this quick video for a tutorial on strip-staining varnished wood.

Jet black

Paying homage to Scandinavian furniture trends of the ’90s, this is a more tactile take on interior design. Accessories, furniture with minimalist design, and small blocks of jet black colour create a definition perfect for the bedroom, study, bathroom or smaller living rooms.

This may seem like a cold combination for winter decor, but as long as your windows, doors, heating and roofing are all in tip-top condition, you’ll still stay cosy all winter. Excellent with industrial greys, unpolished metallic finishes and, of course, lots of white, this is a combination of retro styles that won’t lose their appeal any time soon.

Roomy florals


Straying from the meticulous mosaics of Cath Kidston, “big” flowers are quite literally going to be huge in 2019. These can dominate oversized lampshades and overflow from dark, curvy vases; you can also turn your walls into talking-point murals that command the living room or study.

Combining some of the dark, natural greens and festive maroons you may already have in your home over Christmas, this is a style that you can work on while you enjoy the festivities. If you seek inspiration for how to decorate your home for the festive period, this video is full of other ideas.

A plethora of pinks

Avoid the fluorescent and the strikingly shiny, and you’re good to go. Pastels, dusty, classic darker pinks, and paler colours can combine to create a soft, luxurious living room, perfect for long nights of relaxation in the home.

Accentuate the colours with minimalist, black-and-white or grey-marble finish furniture and try a combination of patterns with your cushions and rugs, and you’ll have a space designed for home comforts.

As we’ve already mentioned, an essential part of ensuring that you enjoy your new home decor is keeping your home warm on the body as well as easy on the eye. Check out roofing contractors in Newcastle for  a reputable service that will help you stay warm and also save you some money to spend on your winter decorating.

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