Six Wood Flooring Finishes

Six Wood Flooring Finishes

Wood is incredibly versatile, and the world really is your oyster when it comes to the finish. Here are six floor finishes to give you some inspiration.

Stained, painted or coloured

Natural stain, coloured stain or colourful paint can transform your floor and is easy to apply. This can cover a multitude of sins, and you can change the colour regularly if you use paint!


An oiled finish is perhaps the most natural. It simply protects the wood grain and has a natural, matte appearance.


Lacquered floors are glossier, smoother, and have a shine to them. This option is great for solid wood flooring from a specialist such as, as it protects the flooring and really shows it off.

Hand scraped

If a more rustic look is what you are after, hand scraped solid wooden flooring is the right choice. Available in a range of colours, this wood is shaped either manually or with a machine and has a slightly bumpy finish.


Wood is incredibly durable. Anything built with it can last for years or be restored even when it seems to be beyond repair. If you have damaged wooden floors or want to opt for a lighter, beach house look, whitewashing works well.


Smoked or fumed wood is very dense and has a dark, rich colour. It is great for smaller high-traffic areas or huge rooms with plenty of light, as it is very intense.

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  • I visited and learned a lot about how wood flooring finishes comprise a variety of treatments that are applied to the surface of wood floors in order to protect them from wear and tear, as well as enhance their aesthetic appeal. These finishes generally consist of sealants and paints that either penetrate the wood or form a durable film layer. The selection of a suitable finish depends on the characteristics of the wooden material, its intended use, and the desired finish effect. Keep Sharing.

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