A Revolutionary Gym Product For Dumbbell Users: Kettlebells

Most of us are used to the term dumbbells and now there is a new revolution in the life of the dumbbell users which is known as kettlebells. Kettlebells have replaced dumbbells by offering athletes with distinctive features like easy grip, an affordable price which is nowhere to be found in the dumbbells. Dumbbells are quite bulky in comparison to kettlebells and so it is taken as a new revolutionary item among the dumbbell users. This new type of gym equipment is in the shape of a cannonball with two handles. Kettlebells can suit both a beginner and an experienced athlete. Planning to buy a pair of your personal kettlebells set then just click to get them here easily. This article will give you an idea about the benefits of this wonderful product.

Why use a kettlebell?

The gym goers who are looking for equipment that might help them to build up their muscles and a tighter figure within a short span of time should opt for kettlebells. If you want to get a clear understanding of this new type of gym equipment then get ready to know about it in detail here:

  • Working out with kettlebells can help you to tone up your body and burn extra calories within a short time. In comparison to dumbbells, it is quite easier to use.
  • It can be guaranteed that kettlebells tend to improve your posture and help in stabilising your body movements.

Select Your Kettlebells as Per Weight Plates

If you are planning to buy a kettlebell then first get a proper knowledge about the weight plates. Kettlebells are available in different sizes and its usage totally depends on the body capacity of an individual. A list of sizes of kettlebells has been given as per gender and capacity levels.

  • Those men who are not in good shape should opt for 12kg kettlebells and for women it is 6kg.
  • If you have a good body shape then you can choose a kettlebell of 16kg and the women can select 8 kg of kettlebells.
  • Experienced athletes can work out with the kettlebells that have a size of about 20 kg and the women can choose a 12 kg kettlebell.

The above-mentioned list has given you an idea about the weight bar set of kettlebells. Always choose the right weight so that they can help you to take care of your body.

Differentiating Kettlebells from Dumbbells

Those who are using dumbbells for their daily workouts need to pay a special attention to this section.  The major differences between these two metal gym equipment have been discussed below:

  • While using a dumbbell we often come across a problem of holding it. It can be said that kettlebells with its well-gripped handles help an athlete to carry out their work out in a smoother way.
  • Kettlebells can be used by both an amateur person as well as regular gym goers for its smaller range of weight. On the contrary, dumbbells are quite heavy and it required enough strength to lift them.
  • The smooth handles are sure to help you to do all the ballistic exercise with ease because rough handles of dumbbells make it difficult or an athlete to sue it.

Hence it can be said that a gym freak can take care of their body without spending time on gym workouts. For that, they should buy a kettlebell and carry on home workouts and get a good body shape in a short span of time.


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