Explore Geneva To Make Most of Your Switzerland Trip

Explore Geneva To Make Most of Your Switzerland Trip

Geneva in Switzerland is a breathtaking place for a city break . While Switzerland is perhaps best known for its ski resorts, there is so much more to see and do, especially in and around Geneva. Switzerland is a nice & beautiful place for honeymoon. What adds on to the list is the vast expanse of wildlife and bird sanctuaries in Switzerland that guarantee a complete package for any honeymoon holiday on earth.


In the midst of all its natural beauty and splendor, Geneva also has an historic Old Town to enjoy. Popular sights include St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Grand Theater. The old town is also home to a large number of antique shops, and it’s easy to spend hours exploring these and the many treasures that lie within. Who knows, you might just pick up a bargain on your holiday.


There can be few more idyllic spots in the world than sitting by the lake in Geneva, bathed in sunshine while you have a stroll or a bite to eat. Co-op holidays to this part of the world can be relaxing or more action packed, depending on your tastes. For example, you may want to experience a gentle cruise on the water, or if you’re looking for something livelier, how about canoeing or water skiing?


The backdrop of the Alps and Jura mountain ranges acts as a glorious frame for the city of Geneva below. Hiking is a very popular activity on Co-op holidays to Geneva, and mountain biking is also another good way to explore the mountainous terrain. Even if you don’t want to venture into the mountains, they provide a beautiful focal point and help create a relaxing atmosphere.


Geneva is home to some of Europe’s most prestigious shopping streets with the prices to match. It’s not all high end luxury though; there are plenty of affordable outlets and boutiques waiting to be discovered.


The plethora of restaurants, bars and clubs in Geneva cater for every type of clientele. There are some refined establishments for the more well-heeled, while a younger, livelier audience is also well looked after with top European DJs appearing at many of the clubs.

So whether you want to have a relatively quiet evening enjoying a few drinks and dinner with views over the lake, or are up for some clubbing action until the early hours, Geneva is a city that doesn’t discriminate, and provides something for everyone to enjoy.

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