Answers To Top Queries About Air Travel

There are more and more people flying than ever before. Little wonder- modern airlines provide magic carpet rides to new destinations.

All the same, flying has become less personal, more crowded with increasing concerns about security and safety. Here are some top doubts about flying with relevant answers:

  • How to check safety record of the airline

Database of airline crashes is maintained by and here you can check the safety records of most airlines. FLE or Full Loss equivalent, provides a rough guide to potential of crashes of a particular airline.

  • How to get an upgrade on an economy ticket

Several airlines permit you to upgrade at a discount on the full price of a business class or premium economy fare, which can be paid with airmiles points or cash. Some of them provide upgrades at check-in itself when there are unsold seats.

  • Etiquette of reclining seats

Most air-seats are designed for reclining and passengers do have the right to get a more comfortable position. But during meals, it is both necessary and polite to keep your seat in the upright position.  A reclined seat can irritate the passenger behind you. So before you adjust seats, take care not to inflict any injury.

  • How early to book tickets

Most airlines release tickets 11 months in advance. These early bird deals are the ideal time to hunt for bargains. The first to get exhausted are low-priced, economy class fares. In absence of emergencies like financial crash or terrorist activity, airfares become more expensive as departure time draws near. Check early for the Delhi to Goa Flights Schedule.

  • Can you enjoy Wi-Fi?

In most modern fleet of airlines, passengers with well-equipped devices can enjoy all the wonders brought by the internet to their finger tips. Typically it is good if you are not streaming video but sending e-mails and making VOIP calls are fine.

  • How clean is seating?

Generally they are as clean as a café seat or seat on a bus. But aircrafts are cleaned with more diligence when they are halted for several hours. It is good to wash your hands before meals and avoid walking bare feet in the air cabin.

  • Which is the best booking website?

Most travel websites have their own pros and cons. They will not offer the same fare even if your route and destination or even the airline is the same.

Only by searching several search engines, will you find the most attractive fare. Search engines often earn a commission on all ticket bookings, so they typically do not include flights in budget airlines.

  • How long is an aircraft on auto-pilot?

The aircraft is likely to be helmed by auto-pilot at cruising altitude but for landing and take-off, the co-pilot and pilot hold the reins.

  • How to avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT)?

Passengers on long flights are prone to suffering from DVT. Lack of mobility can result in blood clots which can prove fatal if clots travel to brain or heart. To avoid this, you must move around the cabin frequently and stay well hydrated. Also select an aisle seat which makes it easy to move around.

These are the most common doubts arising in the mind of those who are ready to fly. The answers should set your mind at rest.

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