Visit To Mesmerizing Australia

Visit To Mesmerizing Australia

Australia is considered to be a fantastic destination which has amazing monuments and mesmerizing landscape. It is also the twelfth largest economy in the world; it has also the world’s most beautiful cities and places like the gold coast, Canberra and Melbourne. Australia is also known for its excellent living standards and quality of life. It has sports, nature, wildlife, beaches, food and adventure; in short it is a perfect place for a holiday. In case you are thinking of visiting Australia and want to apply for an Australian visitor visa then there are a few documents that should be there for applying for one.

If you are just visiting Australia for holidays, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends for business purposes or you are just stopping there on your way from somewhere; you are supposed to have a valid Australian visa. So for  tourist visa Australia there are the following documents that one is supposed to submit.

Documents needed for Australian Visa

  • Original passports and old passports if you have any.
  • The passport should have the validity of atleast six months and also atleast three blank pages.
  • One is required to have confirmed air tickets.
  • Two recent size photographs with a size of 35mmx45mm and also with 80 percent close up.
  • You are also supposed to give a covering letter mentioning the details of travel, details of the traveller, purpose of visit and duration of stay addressing to the Australian high commission.
  • Income tax papers showing the transactions for the last three years.
  • Original bank statements; attested and signed by a bank official.
  • Travel itinerary as a proof for hotel stay with passenger name and travelling dates.

Except for these there are other additional documents also required like:

  • In case the one applying is employed then salary slips for the last six months and an original leave letter are required.
  • If the person applying has a family in Australia then one is required to provide the copies of the passport, visa and the immigration status of the invitee along with relationship proof.
  • In case the person applying is a student then he/she is required to provide an NOC letter from college or school along with the ID card copy.
  • If the applicant is of more than 75 years of age, then medical requirements from the panel doctor would be provided by the embassy.

Except for the visa procedure one should know about the things that can and cannot be brought into Australia; one should also be aware of the duty free concession limits and about the travelling experience through Australian airports and seaports. Australia is a beautiful place to visit with family for a holiday or for a recreational trip with friends. Just make sure that the visa work is done on time along with proper submission of the documents in the Australian high commission. Once everything is done then there is no other thing to worry about.

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