Frequently Asked Questions About CAP Training

Frequently Asked Questions About CAP Training

The certified authorization professional (CAP) is a vendor-neutral training which helps you to learn to test, validate and the certification based on your skills, experience along with methodologies that are involved in either implementing or maintaining authorization of the information system.

What basic course information?

Once you take the CAP training you will have the facility to accomplish the following,

  • Categorization of information systems
  • Risk management framework
  • Security control implementation    
  • Security control assessment    
  • Information system authorization
  • Monitor Security Controls
  • Selection of security controls

Who should attend?


The certified authorization professional training is best suggested for IT, information security and information Assurance practitioners and contractors who are used to RMF in:

  • The military field
  • 1-2 years of database/systems development/network experience
  • Local government sector
  • Systems administration
  • Strong familiarity with NIST documentation
  • Civilian posts like federal contractors
  • The U.S. federal government like the U.S. Department of State or the Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Private organizations

Why is it important?

If you can obtain certified authorization professional training then it indicates that you are eligible to strengthen an organization’s security posture. Therefore, you will have the capability to understand information security and risk management.

If in case you are working for a Federal government are interested to do so, then there are maximum chances that you will be subjected to the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA). However, there is a necessity for the certification and accredited prior to operation and is the primary requirement.

What should you do in order to get trained?

If you can fulfill the below-mentioned specifications then you can easily get access to with the cap course.

  • You should possess two years of full-time experience in any of the seven domains specified by the CAP.
  • To maintain certificate you have to
  • Comply with (ISC)2’s Code of Professional Ethics
  • Earn and post a minimum of 20 (ISC)2 CPE credits per year
  • You have to get qualified in the examination.

What is the exam outline?


The outline of the examination is completely free resource which is based on the topics related to the domain itself.

  • The exam is conducted for 3 hours which consists of 125 questions.
  • The question format uses multiple choice however you have to get 700 out of 1000 points to get certified.
  • The CAP exam is offered through the global network of Pearson VUE testing centers as a computer-based test.

Where to get the training?

You have to simply choose the best training format for your schedule, Alpine Security CAP training is likely to be the best choice. Moreover, you are also eligible to take both training courses as well as individual study. You can get access to with the classroom-based training and on-site training as well.

Before you can actually obtain CAP certification from (ISC)², you have to undergo training program which helps you to get ready for the examination. Many of the universities offer CAP training live online which is classified as three-course certification.

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