A Beginner’s Guide To Panel Air Filters

A Beginner’s Guide To Panel Air Filters

Panel air filters are used in the process of air filtration. They are made up of the filter media with a handle and frame with which the filter can be stocked, installed and replaced easily into whichever ventilation or heating system it is used in.

The most common panel filters are produced out of galvanised sheet metal which come in thicknesses of 48 or 98mm.

– Frame material
– Filter material
– Pleated or flat configuration of filter material

Glass Fibre

A panel filter made from glass fibre is mainly used in the filtration of coarse particles like dust and paint. They come with a moisture resistant frame of cardboard, which encases a glass filament pad. These air filter panels are used in ventilation and heating systems and in workshops and factories for coarse filtration.


Synthetic panels are air filters that are used in the filtration process of large particles and are normally used in all-purpose ventilation systems. They provide an indoor air quality that is low grade and come with a cardboard frame that is moisture resistant.


One of the most common forms of air filters, pleated panel filters provide a larger surface area which minimises drops in pressure. The filtration material is pleated and sealed into cardboard frames which are resistant to moisture.

High performance MiniCell

Coming in different efficiencies from low to high grade, minicell air filters use minipleat technology and come in both glass and synthetic media. They are sealed into both metal and cardboard frames according to their application.

Pad holders

Used as an alternative to glass and synthetic filters, these pad holders use a metal frame which incorporates a clip under which filtration pads can be placed once cut to size. Great for applications where there is high moisture and cardboard might not be the best option.

Polyfoam washable

Encased in galvanised steel, these filters can be washed frequently, ideally monthly according. Great for use in industrial applications, ventilation and heating units and air handling systems.

Metal washable

Produced in galvanised steel, these panels come with a wire media that is knitted and offers a low grade filtration of large particles. Used primarily in air handling systems, HVAC systems and in industrial applications.

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