What Does The Tricuspid Valve Do For You?

What Does The Tricuspid Valve Do For You?

The human heart is made up of four valves. The tricuspid valve allows the flowing of blood to the right ventricles in the heart. Here, it is pumped to the lungs for oxygen. You can now judge the power functioning of this valve to the human body. In case, this valve gets weakened then your heart has to pump harder than normal. Gradually, your heart becomes enlarged and functions poorly. Delaying consulting with a Cardiologist means doing bad to your family members. After all, your life is not yours only, several people connected with you are affected by anything bad to you.

This is the simple explanation about the hierarchy of valves read in your biology textbooks – the tricuspid valve; the pulmonary; the aortic valve and the mitral valve. Bear in mind that you can live without the pulmonary valve and live but the functioning of the tricuspid valve impacts your life span.

Glorified Functions Of Tricuspid Valve

As we have explained in the above para that this valve separates the top right chamber (right atrium) from the bottom right chamber (right ventricle) so blood gets a path to flow from the right atrium to the right ventricle. Backflow of your blood is prevented through the proper functioning of the tricuspid valve.

That is why; the opening of this valve is done through open-heart surgery. It is a major surgery so anaesthesia is given to the patient. Remember, any major carries the risk of blood clots forming during or after surgery. Doctors put the bone back together after the procedure to prevent movement and aid in healing. There have been some cases in the medical industry where a tricuspid valve has been repaired with minimally invasive surgery. Tricuspid valve repair is an open-heart procedure. The surgical remedy varies from patient to patient. Maybe your surgeon will reshape your valve or separate fused valve leaflets.

Little Mitral Tricuspid Valve Is Not Operated

Our medical fraternity works on the ethics of humanity. If a patient has little mitral or tricuspid valve then a medical professional advises him/her to avoid surgery. Medication is continued with consultation on a healthy lifestyle.

It Is A Serious Affair

Sustaining the qualitative functioning of the Tricuspid valve is a serious affair in your life. Ignoring it may cause heart failure. The tricuspid valve is a sensitive tissue so don’t try to be your own doctor by doing exercises without any consultation from your doctor. That can worsen the condition of your heart.

Whether To Go For Tricuspid Repair Or Replace It

Frankly speaking, medical professionals advise repairing your Tricuspid valve through surgery because your own tissues will be used in the surgery. Replacement is recommended when the valve and surrounding tissue are too damaged.

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