What Is Mitral Regurgitation And What To Look Out For?

What Is Mitral Regurgitation And What To Look Out For?

Mitral valve regurgitation is a condition in which the mitral valve of your heart does not close efficiently, which can cause your blood to travel in a reverse condition in your heart. If this condition is prominent, your heart would not be able to pump blood through it effectively, which can lead to breathlessness and tiredness. For mild conditions, treatment is not mandatory; however, if the condition is worsening, you may need to undergo extensive surgery. However, there are certain ways that can turn out to be helpful for people who suffer from this condition in order to prevent it from worsening further. Below mentioned are some of them!

Things to look out for in people suffering from Mitral valve regurgitation:

  • Keep A Check On Your Blood Pressure:-

    If you have the above-mentioned condition, high blood pressure can actually cause you a lot of damage and even worsen your condition. Therefore, it is highly advisable to keep a regular check on your blood pressure. Even if you notice a slight increase in your blood pressure, it is recommended to get it under control through different means to keep your condition intact.

  • Switch To A Healthy Diet:-

    Food intake might not directly impact Mitral regurgitation; however, healthy food intake can prevent your heart from weakening to catching on other diseases, which can prevent your condition from worsening. If your heart catches any other disease, the situation of a person suffering from mitral valve regurgitation can actually become very complex to maintain and treat.

  • Reduce The Intake Of Alcohol:-

    Intake of excessive muscle can actually weaken your heart muscles, which can further worsen your condition. Therefore, for people having this condition, it is highly recommended to cut back their alcohol intake in order to keep a check on their well-being.

  • Start Exercising Regularly:-

    It is very important to get regular physical activities if you suffer from Mitral regurgitation. However, the amount of exercise and physical activity would depend on the extent of your condition. Therefore, it is very important for you to consult your doctor for the same as well.

  • Visit Your Doctor Frequently:-

    It is very important for people with mitral valve regurgitation to frequent their cardiologist in order to keep a check on their condition. It will allow them to monitor if the condition is staying up or worsening in any way. If any kind of changes is noticed, they would be monitored and treated at the right time.

Following the above-mentioned steps can prevent your heart condition from worsening further. Moreover, following the above-mentioned steps sincerely would not only prevent your heart condition from deteriorating but would also provide you with a lifestyle that would transform your outlook toward the world.


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