Who Are The Top 10 Male Celebrity Style Icons?

Who Are The Top 10 Male Celebrity Style Icons?

Recent research conducted by Barclaycard has discovered that the average modern man spends more on grooming products, shoes, and clothes each month than the average woman. In fact, men are investing over £300 more than women each year into their wardrobes and are even spending more on clothes than on drinks with friends and tickets to sporting events.

“Reluctant” Returners

Although men seem to spend more, they don’t enjoy spending hours trawling through the shops and admit to being “reluctant” returners. As just 26% of returns are from male shoppers, any purchases that aren’t quite right probably won’t make it back to the shops and will instead remain tucked away at the back of a wardrobe or chest of drawers.

Queues and Sizing

Many would agree that the process of shopping isn’t always an enjoyable one. Men find it particularly frustrating when they are unable to find their size in stock, and often refuse to spend more than five minutes queuing to pay for their items.

Online shopping greatly minimises these frustrations, and with a wide variety of fashion-forward retailers to choose from, such as www.ejmenswear.com, investing in a designer wardrobe is now easier and more accessible than ever before.

Celebrity Style Icons

Barclaycard’s research has also revealed the most popular male celebrity style icons. The list is an eclectic one, with an interesting combination of actors, musicians and royalty, and if you’re planning your next mens designer clothes splurge, you’re highly likely to find plenty of inspiration here.

10. Prince Harry
9. Kit Harington
8. Ed Sheeran
7. Graham Norton
6. Tom Hardy
5. Brad Pitt
4. Leonardo DiCaprio
3. George Clooney
2. David Beckham
1. Tom Cruise

Ed Sheeran is the youngest celeb to make it on to the list, with his casual yet put-together style securing him a very respectable eighth place. Generally, however, it appears that older celebrities are more widely considered to have excellent style. Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio all make it into the top five, with Tom Cruise securing the coveted top spot.

David Beckham appears to have firmly put all his past style mishaps behind him, swapping sarongs for tailored suits and proving that rather than following trends, fashionable men are now considering their overall look to secure their sartorial credentials.a

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