What To Consider When Selecting Carrier Bags For Your Business

What To Consider When Selecting Carrier Bags For Your Business

Packaging and carrier bags are crucial parts of providing a quality service to your customers. It might seem simple, but printed carrier bags are an extension of your business. It comments on the service you are able to provide to your clients, and it should be given as much thought and consideration as your shop front, your website, and the interior of your business.

Customer experience is becoming more and more important, especially as consumers demand more of every company they interact with. This is making it harder to succeed in business, meaning that even the seemingly small things, like packaging or printed bags, are crucial. To ensure you are making the right choice with bags, boxes, and materials that accurately represent your brand, these are the things you’ll need to consider. 

Cost Factors – Carrier bags are an extremely cost-effective way to show your customers you care. However, the quality and durability will vary depending on your desired price point. It’s cheap to buy generic bags in bulk, but it can be considered a waste of money because of the lost advertising opportunity. Branded, printed carrier bags are extremely successful platforms for boosting your business’s visibility, but this will be subject to your budget. 

Storage And Sizes – Firstly, if you are working from home or only have limited space available the bags or packaging you can provide customers will also be restricted. Similarly, it might come down to a simple matter of how many you can order at a time. This can work out more expensive because it is always cheaper to order in bulk and benefit from economies of scale. 

Businesses, particularly those that operate in the retail sphere, will also need to consider how many different sizes they will need. This could range anywhere from a small gift bag size to one that is suitable to carry the largest item that the retailer sells, to ensure they are able to accommodate and provide a good quality service for every customer. 

Design and Customisation – The design of any printed bag, packaging, or banner is crucial as a marketing opportunity. It’s important to work with a designer that takes the time to understand how the business should be portrayed to customers and are perhaps willing to provide a couple of design options, some that can be adapted for different mediums, like banners, the website, social icons, and other promotional efforts. Presenting a cohesive design ensures that the business appears professional and trustworthy to customers, too. 

Some bags and packaging options will have limited customization. For example, some bag materials can have spot printing or foil printing. This gives a luxurious, foil effect to the aesthetics of the bag, which can help a business target the top end of a market. Investigate the customization options available before committing to a design. 

Durability and Materials – There are so many different materials for carrier bags; from different plastics to papers of different thicknesses and quality, as well as different fabrics and shapes of tote, but also rope handles, ribbon handles, punched hole handles – the options really are endless. It’s important to choose a material that can effectively support the goods your business provides, as this is the first function of a carrier bag – to provide ease and convenience for a customer. However, now more than ever, you also have to consider what the material says about your brand. For example, is it recyclable, are you an ethical company? 

Choosing your carrier bags can be a hard and complicated decision, especially because there are so many things to consider. The best starting point is with a rough budget and a design, from here, you’ll be able to find out which materials and packaging options are suitable. A good quality printed bag supplier will be able to help every step of the way and be able to offer plenty of different options that are best for your business.

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