Cosmetic Treatments You Didn’t Know Existed

Cosmetic Treatments You Didn’t Know Existed

Cosmetic procedures require a vast amount of consideration before booking as finding the right price with the right procedure type. Whether this is for liposuction, facials, or other cosmetic procedures, there are a number of ways that you can increase body positivity without spending a small fortune. In this article, we will be looking into some of the cosmetic treatments out there that you never knew existed.


Coolsculpting can be used to not only tone the body but also eliminate fat. This is a simple solution to help you lose the last few pounds of fat during your weight loss journey. With a similar mechanic to other cellulite removal treatments, this can take just a few treatments to help you have the flat stomach that you need in an instant. Though this can be a bit more expensive depending on the number of sessions that you have, cool sculpting can benefit you in the long term.  

Botox For Sweating 

Another unusual treatment that has a number of uses is Botox, which can be used in the armpit to prevent sweating. Originally used to prevent wrinkles in the face and In the lips, Botox has since gone on to be used as a solution for migraines as well as sweating.  Hyperhidrosis is prevented by injecting Botox under the surface of the skin in the armpit, this blocks the nerves that are responsible for activating your sweat glands. This, therefore, prevents sweating in the area that has been injected, making it a surefire way of calming overactive nerves and preventing sweating.  


If you are unsettled by the size of your ears, there are procedures such as otoplasty that can help with it. This procedure involves reshaping, folding, or removing ear cartilage and using stitches to hold your new ear shape. This will then heal in a new shape allowing you to enjoy ears that are less prominent. Though this style of procedure is not for everyone, this will benefit those with prominent ears as it can remove insecurity altogether. However, this can take time to heal, meaning that it may require some downtime in order to recover. 

The Vampire Face Lift 

The final procedure that you may not have heard of is the vampire facelift. This is a procedure with a specific number of steps that aid in the sculpting of younger-looking face shapes. The first step is using hyaluronic acid filler to keep the face looking natural but sculpt a younger-looking appearance. It is the time to take blood and isolate the nutrients that your skin needs. Using a centrifuge, the platelets from your blood are then taken out and injected into the skin. This makes the skin look brighter and more alive, allowing for a younger-looking complexion within just a few simple steps. This is then repeated every six months to ensure a cleaner and more youthful complexion in the long term. 

With this being said, there are a number of cosmetic procedures on the market that you have probably never heard of, that could benefit you in the long term. Whether you are looking to clean up acne, fix protruding ears or lose the last few pounds. Which of these will you be choosing first?

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