Progressive Changes Made In The Indian Railways

Progressive Changes Made In The Indian Railways

People have always considered travelling through trains in India as a hectic experience. But with the help of Suresh Prabhu, current Railway Minister, many new changes have been introduced in the Indian Railways. Our old-school mode of transport is on its rise.

Through irctc, train enquiry between two stations is also possible. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the valuable changes that have been brought about in the Indian Railways.

  • Railways stations are going to provide an airport-like experience to passengers. Indian Railways have introduced the ‘executive lounges,’ which is supposed to provide a more royal and relaxing feel even at the railway stations. By paying just Rs.100, people can relax in these furnished lounges that are equipped with Wi-Fi, AC, and TV services. They also have attractive interiors. The first one out of them was launched in New Delhi. Soon are going to come up in Jaipur and Agra as well.
  • At present, no refund is being offered on Tatkal tickets (a scheme where seats are booked in a short notice). A new change has been introduced where a 50 percent refund will be allowed on Tatkal tickets starting from the 1st of June.
  • People who are in the waiting list of the Rajdhani Express will have an option of booking an Air India flight to the respective destination. Passengers who have bought tickets for the First Class AC will no longer have to pay extra money for the flight. On the other hand, second as well as third AC ticket-holders will have to pay somewhere around Rs.2000 as an additional charge.
  • Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express are considered to be the two fastest trains in the Indian Railways. Other than that, they are also very comfortable. Passengers travelling through this train will not have to travel with a hard copy to the ticket. Having a soft copy in the Smartphones will be enough to validate their seat.
  • With the new changes imposed in the Indian Railways, it is possible for all passengers to book tickets in the Indian Railways in their mother tongue or regional language.
  • From the 1st of June, people making transactions using their debit or credit cards will not have to pay the extra charge of Rs.30. This will apply to transactions that are made in the reservations counters.
  • The Indian Railways have also introduceda scheme called ‘DeenDayalu’ in order to improve the travel quality of people travelling in the general class. It has some facilities like mobile charging points, bio-toilets, potable water, and so on. The coach will have extra doorway area, coat hooks, and cushioned luggage racks.
  • The Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu has introduced a train that will be travelling a distance of 200 kilometres in just 100 minutes. The train will be connecting Delhi and Agra. This exclusive train, called the Gatiman Express, is equipped with Executive AC Chair Cars, automatic fire alarm, sliding doors, and a GPS-based passenger information technology.

All of these facts show that the Indian Railways is truly progressing. Thanks to Suresh Prabhu for the railway revolution!

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