Eight Great Ways To Store Things In Your Garage

Eight Great Ways To Store Things In Your Garage

Many of us are guilty of an untidy garage – a space to which unwanted items and old tools find their way. With the new year now well underway, there is no time like the present to take charge of your clutter and start storing.


Firstly, get rid of any broken items. Anything you do not use but is still in good working order can be donated to the local charity shops. You are now ready to start the process of finding the best storage solutions that work for you.

Wall storage

You may be forgiven for thinking that bungee cords are for intrepid thrill seekers wishing to throw themselves off a cliff top in New Zealand; in fact, they have myriad uses, not least for keeping loads secure and saving space.

Sort a system

Garage shelving provides a straightforward and efficient way to store an array of items, from toys to tools. You can either make your own or buy a system from a specialist such as .

Mount-ing bikes

Take advantage of your garage wall space by mounting your bikes on hooks. Bike hooks can hold the weight of even the sturdiest of bikes and, importantly, each bike – if you have more than one – can be easily taken down rather than extracted from an unruly pile of bikes and chains. Clever solutions to save space and create a tidier option are often at the top of a cycling family’s storage list.

Bin it

Every garage has both large and small items that need storage. You may have dealt with the bigger objects, but how should you store those smaller bits and pieces? Labelling bins is a great space-saving tip to store these items.

The pull of the magnet

Magnets are an excellent way to keep nails in place. Fix one to the bottom of your hammer and you will save both space and time, as you won’t have to hunt around for that all-elusive DIY essential.


PVC pipes can be utilised to store garden tools such as rakes and brooms. Easily accessible, such pipework offers great space-saving.

Too many chairs

Store your garden chairs on hooks in your garage. In this way, they are out of the way yet easy to set up when a picnic is on the cards.

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