How To Create A Sense Of Danish Hygge In Your Home

How To Create A Sense Of Danish Hygge In Your Home

It’s official: hygge has been one of the most popular interior design trends of 2017. But what is this Scandinavian-inspired theme all about and how can you bring it into your home?

Hygge is a trend that draws influence from coziness, companionship and simplicity: basically, finding pleasure and comfort in the little things in life. According to an article in Popsugar hygge is a traditional trend in Denmark, a country which has topped the latest World Happiness report. Bringing a hygge vibe into your house doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; here are just a few ways that you can create hygge harmony at home.

Neutral colours

Hygge style doesn’t favour bold, brash colours. Instead, it’s all about creating calming serenity through neutral, light and airy colour schemes. Think grey laminate flooring, cream throws and monochrome wall paper to create the right ambiance.


Mood lighting is a big part of hygge living. Soft, warm glows are often favoured over harsh, artificial lighting, with candlelight often being a staple part of hygge living. Opt for white, unscented candles and position them in clusters around your living space to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Comfortable nooks

Hygge promotes comfort so snuggly and luxurious soft furnishings are essential. Layer up your bed and sofa with blankets, throws and cushions, and put plush rugs on wood or laminate flooring to create softness underfoot. You could even design a designated hygge nook where you could curl up with a book.

Banish clutter

Studies show that a cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind, exacerbating feelings of stress. This goes against everything hygge stands for and so unsurprisingly the concept favours clean, serene spaces where clutter is cleverly hidden in a variety of modern storage solutions.

Personal touches

Hygge is all about promoting happiness through comfort and love. What better way to display this than by decorating your home with personal prints and meaningful memories? You could even use upcycled or antique furniture to give a feeling of history and personality that is sometimes lacking in modern, mass-produced furniture.


Often bathrooms are thought of in terms of functionality rather than somewhere to relax. Create a hygge-inspired bathroom that has spa-like properties that will act as a sanctuary to escape and unwind in.

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