5 More Great Reasons To Take Up Adult Netball

5 More Great Reasons To Take Up Adult Netball

Netball is a hugely popular sport for women and girls the world over, with local leagues up and down the country. Look one up locally and get stuck in! If you need some convincing, read on and find out why so many love it.

A game for all abilities

Of course, netball is a competitive sport and there are leagues that take it very seriously. There are also leagues at the other end of the spectrum, where the focus is more on having fun than the results, so there will be something near you that fits with your competitive spirit, and the pace of the game you want to play.

Value for money

Think about how much you spend on a gym membership and it’s likely to be a significant monthly figure, with many people getting quickly bored at the gym and wasting that money. Many local netball clubs don’t have a membership fee, though there will be a small cost for attending training, and then potentially match costs if you are playing competitively.

It’s a great way to keep fit

Whatever level you’re playing at, netball gives a great overall workout. It covers cardio and all the major muscle groups, with great core engagement, too. It’s also so much more interesting than the gym! You can practice fitness drills to build up stamina, or look at a specific netball drill training video, from experts like Sport Plan and build your training sessions to what you and your team need.

Venues across the UK

Wherever you are in the UK, there will be a club nearby. Look them up online or ask at your local sports or leisure centre. Netball’s popularity is rising, so there are probably several people asking for information locally at the moment.


The nature of netball means it’s a sociable and supportive game, and the same goes for netball umpires. They are definitely firm but fair.

Many of us would have played netball during our school days, but might not have played since then. Netball Squad outlines some more of the great reasons to dig out your kit and get back to the court.

These are just five of the many reasons that netball is the most popular women’s sport globally, with more women taking it up every month.

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