Five Reasons To Follow F1

Five Reasons To Follow F1

Formula One is the world’s biggest motorsport event and a sport that grows with every passing year. Take a look at these five reasons why you should be following F1 and see what you have been missing!

Future technology on the track

A lot of the technology that is used in Formula One cars trickles down to standard road cars. You will get to see this first-hand and in action when it is used in the F1 cars and can observe how it shapes changes in road cars in the years to come. Some of the standard features on your car originated in F1, but you would have to be a fan to know this!

High-stakes action

Formula 1 is always a high-stakes sport, not only because of how dangerous it is but also due to the enormous amounts of prize money up for grabs, the cost of the cars, and the money the sport generates. From the locations in which the races are held to the podium finishes with champagne sprayed everywhere and the nail-biting starts and finishes, F1 epitomises high-stakes entertainment at every turn.

Impressive parties

If you go to the F1 Paddock Club, perhaps through a sporting events company such as  you will see just how lavish industry parties can be and why the hype follows F1 wherever it goes. In recent years F1 drivers have attained status akin to a rock star or major celebrity – when off the track and celebrating their success, they certainly know how to have a good time!

Historical entertainment

Over the years the drivers and constructor have changed dramatically. New players such as Red Bull have come to the fore and names such as Frank Williams have been amalgamated and almost swallowed up by bigger brands. It is interesting to see new drivers show off their talents and rise to the top, perhaps comparing them with past drivers and performances on the same tracks.

Changing tracks

Each Formula One track is different, so you have over 20 different courses to watch over a season. The courses have all been designed to test the drivers’ mettle and to offer viewers the ultimate spectator experience. Some of the tracks are custom built; others, such as Monaco, see cars racing through the streets and past iconic landmarks.

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