Experience The Ecstasy Of Trekking Around Banglore

Experience The Ecstasy Of Trekking Around Banglore

Banglore is not just an ideal city to fulfil your professional goals but to enjoy thrill and enjoyment too. Of course, no matter you are a businessman or a busy office goer; you can find different spots near your city to enjoy your weekends or offs. Who says that Banglore does not have any place for trekking for its citizens when there are diverse trekking spots around! 

Just make a plan for a thrilling and adventure trip of Trekking near Bangalore. A single trekking trip will fill you with thrill and rejuvenation. The best part is that there are many spots around your city that are situated quite near to Banglore and are packed with enjoyment, merriment, adventure and beauty. Moreover, whether you want to go to these spots alone or through events; you can choose as per your convenience. By events, it means there are many groups that organize trekking trips and you can easily get yourself enrolled in them for a well-organized trip. Let’s have a look at some of the adventurous trekking sites near Bangalore.


Madhugiri is nearly sixty kilometres from Bangalore and it is most prominent for Hiking, trekking, Sightseeing, Fort excavationand Photography.The spot keeps one thousand meter hill and it issecond biggest monolith in Asia. It is erected at a height of around twelve hundred meters above sea level.Trekking up Madhugiri is an electrifying experience that is raised to life by diverse stories from India’s extensive hereditary heritage.

The climb of Madhugiri starts from the fort that is built by noneother thanHyder Ali during his rule. Don’t mistake to take it easy because looks are deceptive at times. When you are onthis trek you will have to go through an order of doors and walls that lead you totop ofhill.The wallsoffort here are 6 feet tall and possess splits and large holes at planned intervals. The entire trek and surroundings are absolutely thrilling and fulfilling.


Bheemeshwari is a post that is one of the most cherished Destinations of trekkers. This place is covered with amazing valleys and a huge number of convivial rivers and streams lattice heaving terrain. The surrounding forest areas encompass a large number of Indian Wildlife Species.There are manywildlife trekking treks here available for bothbeginners and experts.The treks are forked in three categories easy, medium, and tough that depends ondistance from four kilometres to thirty kilometres.On the trekking trail, you cross piquant villages, green adjacent hills, beautiful natural world and different plants that are extensively used in Ayurveda.The whole trek and area is filled with beauty and thrill.

Karighatta Trek

The landscape of Karnataka encompasses luxurious green tropical forests, small hillocks, Rocky Mountains, caves and smooth rivers.These blendstogether make for an ideal trekking destination.This trek is situated at a distance of around ninety eight kilometres from Bangalore.The hills here rise 2697 feet above the sea level. Thetrek is undoubtedly amazing and possessesa walk besidemarvellous Kaveri River.


So, whether you are alone or with a group of trekkers, you have plenty of trekking options around Bangalore.

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