Know The Rules And Policies Associated With Direct Entry System

Know The Rules And Policies Associated With Direct Entry System

When you apply for the visa for any country, there are few chances for you to get confused. Of course, at first you will not be able to understand which type of visa and the duration of the stay you would need when you go for a work or tourist. Though there are some experts who can help you out with support and information required, it is important for you to know about the right way of doing it. First of all, make a note of all the documents and see to it that your documents are all organized and on time submission is done.

Things that needs to be followed:

  • As a first time visitor, it is important to undergo little training. These trainings are specially designed to help the visitor understand the working procedure and policies associated.
  • There is an Industry training fund that needs to be given. This is deducted from the total payroll which is of 2%
  • While there is another 1% of the total payroll which is also deducted for training the Australian employees. It includes internal and external training which must be well documented

In case there is no requirement for any kind of training for the direct entry stream residence visa Australia then employers will consider only the 2% of the payroll option.

Know more about the Temporary Residence Transition stream:

This type of stream is applicable to those who belong to subclass 457 visa holders. It is applicable only for the people who have worked for at least either two or three years before making the nomination. Otherwise, those who hold the subclass 457 visa in the same field along with the nominating employers need to offer the permanent position in that service as a security and assurance that they will be working till the project ends.

Know more about the Direct Entry System

Talking about the direct entry system, you need to understand that residents who are qualified for the Temporary Residence Transition or have been nominated by the employer under the section of Direct Entry Stream. Besides, those people who have not or briefly worked in Australia are eligible for such type of system. Such type of visa is applicable to those who are under the age of 50 year if applying for the Temporary Residence stream. Those who apply for the Direct Entry stream are considered to be under the age of 45 years.

No doubt there are numerous options to become the 457 temporary residence visa holder. However, you need to understand that it offers options right from transition till the permanent residence. But if you specifically need visa subclass 186 then remember, it is the employer nomination scheme (ENS) Direct Entry Stream for which the above mentioned eligibility criteria and procedure must be strictly followed as per guidelines. The 186 visa direct entry stream is eligible for those who are already the existing employee on the 457 visa or is ideally a new employee. Those who nominate people for PR must also have the standard business sponsors for the visa of 457.

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