Where Should You Hang Your House Number Plaque?

Where Should You Hang Your House Number Plaque?

If you want to know where to hang your House Number Plaque with the house number, you are in the right place. Without the numbering of the billions of houses worldwide, it will be utter chaos to find them. And to display these numbers clearly and visibly is one of the fundamental needs for any home. Hence, check out the many ways to do it, the best way to impress others, and locate the houses easily.

 The importance of  number plaques

In 1708, London replaced signs for houses with numbers to become the norm worldwide. Since then, for the past 300 years, the numbering of houses makes it from mailing services to e-commerce deliveries quickly and easily. It even saves lives during emergency times for the ambulances and other medical help to reach fast as even minutes are crucial. All of it and more increase the importance of house number plaques worldwide.  

The Best number of plaques

One of the standard rules that no one knows is to have the house numbers on the right side of the door.  But with changing times, it also changes to have many ideas to have the number plaques more visible with utmost clarity. And the best of them can make a class statement of the attitude and characteristics of those in the house, office or factories. Only the best manufacturers and suppliers will provide  plaques with attractive designs and excellent materials for easy visibility and identification. They can offer the best options with the right colors, textures, fonts, borders, and finishes. Also they could offer the right hardware and mounting options for people to locate the house quickly. 

The best tips for the places to hang number plaques

  • Check for the building codes and restrictions for your house’s place to hang the number plaques to comply with all of it.
  • Check with the place’s associations to know about any specific way to display the number plaques to avoid any issues later.
  • Check if the selected place for hanging the plaques is visible from both the road and sidewalk.
  • Ensure that no shrubs, trees, or landscape will cover the numbers to make it difficult to locate
  • Choose the plaques to be symmetrical with the homes’ architectural features to complement them rather than contradicting them.
  • Though it is traditional to hang the numbers on the doors’ right side, it looks awkward and not unique anymore.
  • Hang the plaque at an average of 5 feet high not to be too high or too low, which is out of range viewing for an average person

The above tips will help you know the best places to hang your house number plaques with high quality and durability supplied by expert manufacturers with many options to make it more visible.


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