Utility Of A Contraction Timer

Utility Of A Contraction Timer

Are you heading into labor? With the aid of contraction timer online you can keep a track of your contractions. When you are about to start the contractions press the start button and when you need to stop it do click on the stop button. As soon as pregnancy starts the kick counter bracelet will provide you with the first signs of pleasure, but the key is to be aware of when you need to proceed to the hospital.

The signs of heading on to labor?

This is the moment you might be anticipating for the last nine months. So no wonders to the fact that you might be a bit worried if you do miss the early signs. When is the time to pack the bag and head to the hospital? The key is to figure out the exact signs of heading on to labor.

What needs to be carried to the hospital?

Advice would be pouring in from all quarters that you would need a lot of things. Be aware of the fact that anything that you carry to the hospital has to be brought back. Ideally a couple of bags one for you and the other for the baby is more than enough

When you head to a hospital do carry a birth plan and the necessary documentation that you would need. All this should be prepared well in advance and kept near the door so that you do not miss out on the last moment.

The importance of contractions during the process of labor?

The contractions tend to emerge at the back and then follow a wave like pattern towards the abdomen. At this point of time the abdomen does become hard and the contractions thicken and touch the upper portion of the uterus. With the contractions increase in number it does make the passage of a baby through the birth canal a lot easy.

It is quite difficult to figure out the true contractions from the false ones. The latter is termed as Braxton Hicks contractions and this takes place in the weeks leading up to the child being born. It has to be stated that the false ones are also regular but you can understand that they vary on the intensity front. Some women replicate the feeling that they are in fact actually heading to labor at this point of time.

The fundamental point here is progression. When you compare the false contractions to the true ones, it does get longer, stronger and closer over due course of time. Exceptions are there and this might take before water breaking sessions, you are quite sure that you are prone to contractions. It is easy to figure it out with a tool or a clock or stop watch would be a better choice as well. This would give you an idea on how far you are heading towards labor.

You can start timing the contractions from the first to the ending phase of the next.

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