Uber Drivers Must Apply For New Background Checks

Uber Drivers Must Apply For New Background Checks

Uber has been operating in the UK for five years now, but the company’s growing attachment to controversy is only deepening. However, things are changing at Uber following revelations coming to light in August 2017. The police held the US business accountable for not reporting crimes against passengers. They also expressed concern that Uber was allowing circumstances to evolve that would put the general public at risk of harm. This claim was supported by figures that showed a 50% surge in registered sexual assaults involving Uber drivers in London within a year. Recently, it was also made known that a former Uber driver had been arrested in relation to the terror incident that happened at Buckingham Palace earlier this year.

Regulations woes and changes

Uber uses an app for bookings permitting customers to book a taxi from any location. Consequently, local councils are paralysed to impose regulations on the company. Furthermore, it was revealed that drivers who were denied, or who had their licence negated by an authority, could go on to receive one from another authority.

Despite the fact that Uber drivers use the same roads as black cab drivers, they abide by different rules and laws. However, due to several red flags that have been raised, this is set to change.

Uber drivers have been informed by transport chiefs that they must undergo new criminal record checks after regulators deemed the current vetting process inadequate. A total of 13,000 minicab drivers were contacted to let them know their current background checks are not valid. Uber was told to message all of its drivers to apply for a new CRB check, via central government, within 28 days or be removed from the register.

The process of applying is simple, and anyone can apply for a DBS check. There are many companies who will conduct the check for you, such as Care Check.

CRB checks

It’s compulsory that all potential taxi drivers in London complete a CRB check, in order for employers to verify whether they are a suitable employee or not.

Transport for London (TfL) announced they would no longer be accepting DBS forms from third-party providers, including Onfido. Instead, all DBS checks would be conducted by its sole provider GBG.

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