Barriers To Keep Botched Driving At Bay

Barriers To Keep Botched Driving At Bay

Helmets for bikers, airbags for drivers, zebra crossings for pedestrians. Even construction vehicles have fenders to protect them. But sadly, people don’t pay enough mind to pavements, flower beds or even the paint on the outside of buildings.

It is not that safety is needed only on the roads. To err is human and we all make mistakes. A speedy reverse of a car over a low pavement could hurt someone walking behind the vehicle. Likewise, decorations, paint, works of art and even newly constructed structures could be harmed due to any kind of unwanted collision. This makes guard rails extremely important at all places. The presence of guard rails Sydney offers a level of additional security that gives a sense of relief to building owners while also providing safety to pedestrians.

Guard rails can be used in a number of scenarios and proper colouring and visibility tagging of the rails can prevent many accidents. Guard rails on the top of a lane divider on roads can help drivers and bikers understand turns better with progressive arrows that lead with the road. In case of any mishap, these barriers can take a hit and prevent traffic problems and accidents. In places such as waterfalls, ponds and lakes, such barriers prevent people from going too close to the edge. In parking lots, they can help in directing people in and out of the parking spaces without causing anyone else any kind of inconvenience. Placed close by, they can even slow down the movement of the vehicles when entering into a lot.

The main types of accidents that can be prevented with the effective use of guard rails are –

Rollover accidents

Head-on collisions

Sliding or rolling off steep roads

Side swiping accidents

So, what is a good and effective guard rail? A guard rail should be visible clearly from a distance of at least 60-70 metres, taking into account the kind of layout they are going to be used at. In case the road or track has been broken down sufficiently with speed breakers, viewing distance could be made lesser. It also has to take into account the kind of vehicles that traverse through the route, road or track. The base of the guard rails should be firmly planted and the number of vertical posts used to reinforce will change depending upon what kind of traffic passes through the route on an average. Fast moving traffic would need sturdier barriers than slow moving ones.

These barriers look good, clean up the overall mess just about everywhere they are implemented and contribute to a safer environment for everyone involved. Not to forget, they also prevent massive damage to public and private property. In case you are thinking about getting guard rails installed, make sure they are strong, sturdy and tagged properly for good visibility at any time of the day. The ones surrounding a building or a small patch of green may not seem like much, but accidents don’t announce their tariff before happening.

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