Information About Vaginal Douching

Information About Vaginal Douching

What is vaginal douching? It is flushing or cleaning the vagina with water and other fluids. It is available as pre-packaged mixture where water along with baking soda, iodine or vinegar is involved. It is stated that the douches are available in supermarkets or drug stores.

Would you recommend douching?

As per medical experts, it is suggested that women do avoid vaginal douching on all counts. The physicians are against the concept of douching. The main reason of it is that it disrupts the balance of bacteria and normal PH in the vagina. The bacterium that is present in the vagina is prone to changes in terms of composition and it could lead to an increase in vaginal infections. On top of the list stand yeast infections. With the aid of douching the presence of harmful bacteria could spread up to the respiratory tract and this is if there is an infection that is already detected in the vagina.

Women who go on to douche first and foremost do it for health benefits. It is to wash away the blood after the periods, to clean the vagina and to prevent the occurrence of any form of infections or unwanted pregnancy. But all these beliefs are small, douching is not necessary to clean the vagina. Douching is also going to protect your pregnancy, or any form of sexually transmitted diseases.

Could douching prove to be harmful?

Is douching while pregnant, a healthy choice. In most causes douching could lead to occurrence of an infection, or formation of the same. This leads to tampering of the normal bacteria levels in the vagina. The risk of sexually transmitted diseases or infections in the vagina increase all the more during this stage of douching. It could also lead to the occurrence of irritation in the vagina.

More aboutvaginal douching?

Now the question that might strike you is which is the best method by which the vagina can go on to clean itself. As most of us are aware, that vagina is known to produce mucus that is a natural cleaning agent that is known to wash away the blood, vaginal discharge or semen. You can wash the outside of the vagina with warm water when you bath and it is suggested that from the inside let it clean itself by the process of mucus.

If there is any discharge, discomfort or vaginal odour can indicate the presence of infection. If you douche to get rid of the symptom it could compound to the underlying problem and this is going to make the infection all the more worse. If there is any chance of abnormal discharge or smell emerging out from the vagina this could be accompanied by itching or pain. This is suggested that you get in touch with a health care professional to get to the root of the problem. This will ensure early detection and prevention. If you douche before you are pregnant it is going to become all the more difficult to find out the problem.

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