Wedding Photography: Top Tips For Brides

Wedding Photography: Top Tips For Brides

A wedding is months, sometimes years, in planning, and before you know it, the happiest day of your life is over and all you have left are your memories. Help jog your memory with a guest book, and some beautiful photographs!

Choose the right photographer and you’ll be left with lots of stunning images of your day that capture the atmosphere and vibe, but also all the tiny details that might otherwise be forgotten. The right photographer will be able to guide you through the day without you even noticing and make it a very relaxed and fun experience.

Before the Ceremony

This is really a key part of the day; and there’s so much excitement, nervousness and anticipation, it’s often when the strongest emotions of the day come out. You’ll be with your best friends and your immediate family, so be sure to capture these intimate moments. Have your photographer arrive when your hair and make-up is being done and you’ll be able to get some gorgeous, flattering shots of yourself. It’s an opportunity you might never have again. YOu may want to ask your photographer to take some shots of your chosen Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester such as as a part of your momnetums of the day.

The Details


It’s a frantic time on the morning of a wedding, but if you’ve picked a good wedding photographer you’ll be able to get on with your business and you’ll hardly know he’s there. Keep items like shoes and jewellery in their boxes until you’re ready to put them on. That way, the photographer can take creative shots of them for your album without you missing them, and nothing gets lost.

The Ceremony

Take your time. Moments here – seeing each other for the first time, the ring exchange, the kiss – are once in a lifetime. The photographer gets one chance to capture these, so give him the best opportunity and take your time.

For more ideas on your wedding photos and for tips for your wedding in general, visit The Knot.

Get the shots you want by planning ahead and working closely with your photographer beforehand, so that you don’t have to worry about it on the day.

Don’t forget though that however good your photographer is, the images will be there to complement the memories you lock in your head. Breathe, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water – it’ll keep you hydrated and prevent a hangover the morning after!

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