Planning Traffic Management Plans At Your Workplace – An Easy Task

Planning Traffic Management Plans At Your Workplace – An Easy Task

When it comes to designing a workplace for a commercial or industrial setting, it is best to take some time out and come up with an efficient traffic management plan for a safe working environment.

While carrying out necessary discussions with technical teams and project staff, one should make sure that their workplace has an efficient internal plan – which is as crucial as having an efficient external plan.

Commercial workplaces are subjected to often moving types of machinery such as forklifts and the like. It is essential for your company to have an effective traffic management plan so that the members of your workforce are kept away from injuries and accidents. Traffic management plans make sure that the layout of the workplace and the flow of pedestrians, as well as equipment traffic, is smooth and at par with international safety standards.

Here are a few tips one needs to keep in mind while formulating a traffic management plan for their workplace:

  • It is never a bad idea to make sure that the drivers of special vehicles in your business are competent and certified by the authority
  • In case your workplace is expecting guests at any given day, be sure your workforce knows in advance. On top of that, make sure that the visitors are well-acquainted with the traffic management plan of your business for the best results.
  • Creating a traffic management plan is not enough, one needs to enforce the same with utmost sincerity by subjecting their workforce to the necessary training and providing them all the necessary information.
  • In case your workplace is expecting the arrival of new equipment, chances are high that you would need to update your traffic management plan as well as make necessary changes in the layout of your workplace.
  • Make effective use of safety equipment such as safety barriers, bollards and pedestrian walkways for enhanced safety

To get a better idea of how one can make an industrial setting safe with a traffic management plan, let us take a look at the following case study:

Kerry Ingredients is an Irish food manufacturing company. The company has its base of operations in Australia and operates both in New South Wales and Queensland. It has a workforce that is 310 in strength and is administered from its headquarters at Newington, NSW.

They were having some issues with managing pedestrian traffic in their workplace. There have been several reported instances where a worker came face to face with a speeding forklift but was saved just in time by a dangerous maneuver by the driver.

The company consulted a professional service provider and installed safety mirrors at all intersections and aisles. It allowed the forklift operators to visually confirm that the coast is clear when they are approaching a crossing.

Having a traffic management plan and implementing the same can help a company make its workplace safer than it was before. Thus, it is never a bad idea to ask for professional help when it comes to installing all the necessary fittings that can help in keeping a workplace safe. Invest in making your workplace safe today so that your business can look forward to a bright future.

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