Five Reasons Van Racking Makes Sense

Five Reasons Van Racking Makes Sense

Racking out a commercial van could be the most important decision a small business makes. Don’t be left with scratches, dents and holes due to tools and equipment moving around while driving. Load shifts can be terrifying and dangerous, leaving your loading bay a sticky, unpleasant mess and your vehicle unsellable.


Customers who see through to the back of your van will be impressed to find a tidy and organized van, rightfully assuming that you are a tidy and organized worker. A racking system can also increase the value of your van when it’s time to sell due to the lack of dents and scratches.


Insurance costs can be cut by up to 5 per cent in vans fitted with racking due to the low-risk factor. The driver takes better care of his van if he has gone to the trouble of fitting racking, and the improved safety means lower premiums.


Having all your tools and equipment safely stored on racking will improve your safety and that of your van. If you have to brake suddenly or are involved in an accident, the last thing you want is to have tools and equipment flying around the back of the van. This also makes opening the doors dangerous as equipment can fall out onto you.


There are many custom-made racking systems depending on your specific trade, so a custom racking system will allow you to carry more tools and equipment. Your van can be converted into a mobile workshop carrying work benches and tools for your daily work tasks.


It’s very annoying and time-consuming to look through tool boxes searching for specific items. Van Racking will alleviate this problem, saving you time and money.

A customised racking system can save space, and it may also allow you to reduce the size of your van, thereby reducing your overall costs. Modular racking systems in metal or plastic are more appropriate than wood for tradespeople as they are transferable from van to van and their life expectancy is longer. Money invested in a racking system can be recovered when it’s time to sell the van because you have increased its value considerably.

From a business perspective, it’s a no-brainer. Nobody wants to work in an untidy environment, so tidy up your act and reap the rewards.

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