Facts You Should Know About Gift Hampers

Facts You Should Know About Gift Hampers

Gift hampers were initially commercialised and sent out to staff by wealthy families in Britain and soon after throughout the British Empire. The hampers usually consisted for food and drink, and the idea was that it would be a gift for the wealthy business-owners and gentry’s staff and family, usually over periods of religious festivities such as Christmas and Easter.

Hampers of this era were, of course, limited in size due to transport limitations and generally did not exceed the size of a small wicker basket that could be comfortably carried on foot. However, gift hampers became a lot more extravagant once the railways had expanded across Britain and people began sending the hampers far and wide to friends and relatives. The principle is the same to this day, although hampers now are far more varied and exciting.

What and who should I buy a gift hamper for?

Hampers can be made from virtually anything. Whatever the interests or hobbies of your friends and relatives, there is sure to be a hamper to suit their lifestyle. Boy, girl, man, woman – even pets, can all enjoy receiving an exciting, and useful, hamper.

There are hampers, offered by some specialist gift suppliers, consisting of child-hood memory sweets such as jelly beans, to really useful gift hampers designed for new mums and their newborn babies.

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