Best Software For Editing Studios

Best Software For Editing Studios

When you pick the software for your editing studio, there are a lot of factors that matter like budget, whether are you a beginner or a pro, and do you have a Mac or Windows. Nowadays, the market for video production is very large, but there is always a place for new people. It can pay off very well, but besides learning the program you need to have an artist in you to become the best.

A lot of time needs to be put in for some advanced programs, but it also depends on what kind of production you will be doing. Creating music videos and videos are two very different things. Most of the programs we have today will get the job done. For some larger projects, it is better to have professionals by your side because they have been through the process and you want your work to be of high quality.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe has one of the best packages you can find for production and Premiere Pro CC is at the top of every list because of its capabilities and powerful features. There are many reasons why professionals use this program. It easily syncs its settings to any PC or laptop, the interface is super clean with solid stability and performance. It’s important to mention that it is nonlinear software.

Some of the features that stand out from others include streamlined grading of colors, videos and graphics, a bunch of royalty-free stock images, a multitude of effects, and better management of media. For super clear color grading, there’s Lumetri Deep Color Engine. When you combine it with Adobe Speed Grade, you can creatively and swiftly add various appearances with only a few clicks.

What really attracts many users is the user-friendly interface that is very easy to control. Other great features include Mercury Playback Engine and Audio Clip Mixer. An advantage over other programs is that there are both versions, for Mac and Windows. Because it is very popular, there are more tutorials for it where you can learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is a versatile and creative nonlinear video editing program with characteristics that only great software has. The technical features are most important for quality work. It has FXHOME, iZotope, and NewBlueFX. There are many simple drag-and-drop features, and you can edit clips in SD, HD, 2K, and 4K, in both 3D and 2D. If you already have some experience, you can use classic 4-point and 3-point editing options.

To mix the numerous effects that this program offers, there is an OpenFX plug-in. The FX Masking and Shape Masking tools allow fast and easy panning and cropping. In any clip you have to work on, you will have an easy way to match color elements with a Color Match plug-in with other color-correcting tools. Before you get any program you need to check if you have all the needed specifications. Most of them require a strong CPU. Read more on this page.

Pinnacle Studio Plus

Most of the software for this type of job is expensive, but Pinnacle Studio has very affordable options. You can edit videos from up to 4 cameras because of the enhanced multi-camera editing tool. It can automatically align the videos you want with their average interface and put additional transitions. Features that stand out are Audio Ducking, Stop Motion Animation, and 3D auto-color adjustments.

With over 1500 effects, 24-track editing, as well as Live Screen Capture, and many templates, it has every feature you would want for video production software. There are more versions of it if you want some additional features. The older versions are cheaper, but there are fewer options. If you want 4K HD support, then you should use 22 Studio Plus.

Budget matters if you want to get premium versions of these programs, but if you stick to it, you can earn easily to afford even more expensive software. A great option is to try trial versions, so you can have in mind what it will be when you start working. Also, you need to know which options you will need, so you won’t end up with a program without the needed features.

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