3 Things Every Future Actor Needs To Know

3 Things Every Future Actor Needs To Know

The acting profession has been growing and evolving. What started as silent films in black and white has changed into big colorful movies with amazing sounds and effects. But, what should we tell the future actors of the world to help them become better actors?

Commit and Work at it Every Day

You should have a repeating mantra that you say to yourself every day, “always commit.” You will need to commit to the career and also to the parts you play. That means not being you at the time you start your work but instead being the character you are playing. By doing this, you will have the ability to become a great actor that everyone loves. 

While you are committing yourself to your craft, you will also want to make sure you work at it every single day. Becoming an actor is a process that takes commitment and a lot of hard work. Working at it every day includes auditioning, sending out mailings, doing exercises, seeing plays, or reaching out to other people in the business. 

Learn Different Styles and Techniques

Learning different styles and techniques is a must if you want to make it in show business. The world already has someone you are trying to act like, so be yourself and work off of that. Everyone has a spark. You have to find yours.

Some of the most common acting techniques actors use daily include:

  • Classical Acting – Constantin Stanislavski created this acting technique. The systematic approach to training actors includes concentration, observation, voice, physical skills, emotional memory, and dramatic analysis. A classical acting method is a universal approach that any actor can apply to their skill set.
  • Method acting – this technique is credited to Lee Strasberg and the member of his theater group. The emphasis of this practice is to connect to the character by drawing from your emotions and memories. 
  • The Chekhov acting technique – Developed by Michael Chekhov, who was a student of Constantin Stanislavski. In this technique, the actor focuses on internal problems that the character is facing and uses forms of movement to express the issue.
  • Meisner acting technique – Closely related to the method acting technique, it requires actors to focus on the other actors instead of themselves. The method makes the actor’s scene seem more authentic because it appears they are real and exist in the moment.
  • Practical aesthetics acting technique – Based on the practice of breaking down a scene using a four-step analysis that includes:
  1. Literal – basic description of what is happening
  2. Want – what does one character want the other one to do
  3. Essential action – What the actor wants within the scene
  4. As If – relates the “essential action” to the actor’s own life

Actor Training

Everyone starts with an acting coach, especially when you are just beginning your acting career. Having a coach does not mean that there is anything wrong with you as a professional. It merely means that you are willing to do whatever it takes to be the best in the business. There are many acting coaches out there in many different cities that do well at teaching you what you need to know to get your first gig.

NYC acting workshops are a good start in your endeavors as a professional. They provide hands-on acting classes to get you going in the acting field. It is highly recommended to start with a place such as theirs because the NYC acting workshop is highly rated and has helped many people become great actors. 

Final Thoughts 

You can try and try all you want, but the best thing you can do is keep pushing for the future. Achieving fame in this career is not an easy thing to accomplish and can either make or break you. The good news is with lots of hard work and getting acting jobs, the more chances you will receive a chance at a big role. That is why places like NYC acting workshops and similar places are a good start for anyone wanting to break into the business of acting.  

You cannot expect fame overnight in this business; it is not possible. You can, however, work hard to achieve recognition in time. The only thing in the way is how much drive you have and how much you are willing to learn and take criticism. Don’t look at criticism as a bad thing; look at it like being taught how you can do better at what you to.

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