All You Need To Know About Yamaha Clavinova CVP 700 Series

All You Need To Know About Yamaha Clavinova CVP 700 Series

Clavinova CVP 700 series is known to be one of the best-sounding and most versatile digital pianos out there in the market even after years of its launch. This amazing series, for the very first time in history, has bought together sampled sounds from two of the most precious concert grand pianos. The music experience provided by this amazing instrument is way beyond comparison and is one of the best fits for any member of the family. Below mentioned are some more details about this great piano to help you understand its features and uniqueness in a better way.

Key Highlights:

One of the key highlights of Yamaha CVP 700 is the Piano Room. This unique feature allows the players to experience all the different types of pianos, ranging from uprights, honky tanks, guards, and many more. This feature also allows the user to pick a location amongst the stage, concert hall, cathedral, and much more, which brings about an instant change in the tone of the piano, providing you with the feeling that you desire.

Another amazing feature incorporated into Yamaha CVP 700 is its touch. It is bound to impress even the best piano professionals. The highly refined GH3X and NWX keyboard actions help you reproduce the feel of a grand piano through the drop of the hammer when the keys are played very softly.

If you love to play with a backing band or ensemble in any of the genres of your choice, the Super Articulation 2 Voices help you provide anything that you desire, ranging from a drumbeat to an entire band of professional musicians.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the unique guiding system of the 70 series makes it very easy for you to learn new things. The Follow Lights feature enables you to easily follow the lights above the keys, along with a full orchestra following you at your very own tempo, getting faster as you learn.

With wireless iPad integration, the players also get to share their very own creations online, without any hassle at all. Moreover, the expansive MusicSoft Library allows the performers to download new songs from the web, without any cable connections at all. All you need to do is pick your favorite songs and get going.

The Clavinova 700 series has actually revolutionized the world of pianos. Its integrated new technology has not only made it very convenient for the newbies to learn efficiently but also allows the highly experienced to explore the inexperienced and create something new and unique. If you are willing to invest in a quality instrument, you need not think twice before going in for this one!


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