Reasons To Choose Memory Foam Mattress At A Discount

Reasons To Choose Memory Foam Mattress At A Discount

In the last few decades, the memory foam has transformed from prototype into common, affordable and way better solution than spring beds. The main reason for this particular change is due to the revolution of technology that will provide exceptional comfort for individuals.

But let’s start at the beginning. The space race changed the way we perceive things around us, and both blocks wanted to implement innovative processes and products that will benefit humanity. It all started with visco-elastic memory foam, which was developed for NASA in 1966.

The main reason why they decided to create this particular material is to deflect and cushion effects of gravitational pull that happened to astronauts during take-off and re-entry into the atmosphere.

After they realized that this particular material could reach consumer fields, they have sold the patent to a public company that introduced memory foam mattresses at the beginning of ‘90 in the last century.

By entering this particular website for puffy mattress coupon code, you can find various deals on popular e-commerce website so that you can find a mattress for the affordable price tag. But before that, let’s get back to memory foam.

The awareness of memory foam soon afterward spread, and consumers started to distinguish it from other materials used for mattresses. The innovation and popularity gave reasons to other companies to patent their chemical receptors for memory foam.

Today’s memory foam mattresses are 20% of industry sales, and it is growing according to Sleep Like The Dead research.

Pressure Point Relief

The memory foam is the perfect choice for you because after it translated from NASA, it became the central part of medical applications. They have introduced it in the medical field to protect, cushion and comfort individuals in intensive care as well as in wheelchair seat cushions.

When you lay in one position for a long time, the pressure of gravity will pull you downward, while bedding materials have to push you upwards to create resistance. However, if you use a lousy mattress, this can affect circulation which will damage soft tissues.

The memory foam is an excellent alternative to traditional mattresses because it will minimize pain in sensitive areas and reduce the possibility of getting pressure sores. One of the most important benefits of memory foam beds is that will adjust to your specific shape, and create contour to it.

Unlike other materials such as springs, foam won’t push back and provide you additional pressure on the body during a night of sleep. Memory foam has some disadvantages too, and you should click here to find out more about them.

Support Spine/Back Alignment

Memory foam mattresses can spread the weight across the bed’s surface evenly. It will create contours to your body, which means that it will support your back, and allow your spine to stay in perfect and healthy position.

If you use other materials such as springs, the weight will always be concentrated on specific areas that will connect with the mattress. Typically, it will affect your hips, shoulders, heels and the other regions too. In case that you are side or back sleeper, it means that your lumbar area won’t get enough support.

That will cause low back problems and muscle tension that could happen due to lack of support. The other issues that could occur are that you will be able to displace the upper body in a natural position so that you can create more tension and pain in your neck and legs.

Prevent And Relieve Pain

Due to a unique combination of pressure point support and relief that we can find in memory foam mattresses, you will be able to both relieve and prevent your pain by using it. The majority of people that use memory foam have reported that they had reduced pain, especially in hips, back and shoulders.

This particular material is also an excellent choice for people with painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. The idea is to support appropriate alignment, and due to contouring effects, you won’t place too much pressure on sensitive areas. Therefore, you will be able to experience optimal comfort as well as reduced pain, which will allow you to sleep way better than before.

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