Getting To Know Those Dangerous Heart Attack Signs

Getting To Know Those Dangerous Heart Attack Signs

There are times, when the person might experience some kind of pain in his chest and may not take it much seriously. He may be of the opinion that this pain in the chest region could be short lived because of gas problem. This could probably be true or unfortunately wrong. It is necessary to understand that not all types of heart problems tend to take place in the chest region. Some might come with alarming symptoms and could be developed in the other body parts also. This could be related directly to the heart. It is more so, if the person is a diabetic, overweight, has high blood pressure or high cholesterol. There are indeed some problems that one should watch out, to ensure that this dangerous disease is kept at bay and immediate treatment is availed.

Some signs of heart attack

According to the top cardiothoracic surgeon in India, there are several signs that may state that the person has had a heart attack and would require immediate treatment. The major three signs are mentioned below:

  • Indigestion, nausea, and upset stomach: If the person has had that sick feeling in his stomach for quite some time and also experiences periodical heartburn, then immediate medical attention is an absolute must. Vomiting, persistent discomfort noticed in the belly region, and belching can also lead to a heart attack. These are reported more in women. One can also experience stabbing pain in the abdomen’s middle or lower portion for a few minutes.
  • Dizziness: The other disturbing symptom that may cause heart issues is feeling lightheaded and dizzy or having that fainting feeling. These instances generally occur if the supply of blood to the brain drops to the lowest level possible. This might take place since the heart rate is found to be abnormal. The heart may not be in a position to pump sufficient blood as necessary, because of the narrowing of the valve or probably, due to a temporary, but rapid drop in blood pressure. Also, the person may experience some kind of dizziness or uneasiness when standing up extremely fast. These are stated to indicate that the heart is about to cause failure and hence, the cardiologist is to be visited immediately.
  • Unexplained weakness: It might be that performing some simple chores may cause the person to get tired quickly. The body might just give up when engaging in certain activities, something that he/she might have enjoyed before. This does call for immediate attention and visiting the cardiologist. If the person experiences difficulty when performing regular chores like climbing the stairs, carrying groceries, or walking, then these are actually indications of heart failure. Increased fatigue is considered to be the product of weak tissues and muscles that are not able to function at their optimum. This is due to the fact that the ability of the heart to pump blood efficiently has been drastically reduced.

If some unusual changes are noticed in the body, or there is the feeling of getting choked or in an uncomfortable position, then it will be wise to contact the best heart doctor in India.

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