The Ultimate Experience Day Treat

The Ultimate Experience Day Treat

There are loads of activities available for those who want an action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled experience. If you can imagine it, then there’s probably a company selling it as an experience. However, not all experiences are made equal. Here are some reasons why the only experience you need in your life is to drive a tank for a day:

  1. Not something you do everyday

Ok, you could say this about any number of experience events, but seriously, a tank? Bungee jumping and zorbing are so last year and chances are there are dozens of people in your workplace who have done that already. Yawn! How many people can you name who have driven a tank? Exactly.

  1. Respect

Earn some serious respect and admiration from friends, family members and colleagues after a day of tank paintball battling. You’ll be ‘the one’ People will look at you in a new light, hold doors open for you and bring you coffee to your desk. Well, you’ll earn some kudos anyway. It might not get you that job promotion, but it wouldn’t hurt, right?

  1. Pure Excitement

Some experiences are a mixture of 90% fear and only 10% real fun. Take bungee jumping or sky diving for example. Unless you’ve got nerves of steel or are totally crazy – part of you won’t want to make the jump. You’ll feel sick, dizzy, your knees will wobble. Ok, so the feeling of accomplishment is pretty cool, but why not cut out all the scary stuff and just focus on pure, unadulterated joy? There is nothing to fear on Tank Driving Days, just the sheer thrill of big roaring machines and lots of mud. Still not sure?

Tanks are Cool

Yes, you can choose an experience day driving a small hovercraft, a digger or a Segway – but they’re just not as cool as a tank. Everyone loves tanks, whether they’re young, old, male or female – tanks are just cool. Imagine two photos – one with you on a Segway and one with you in a tank. In which photo are you going to look way more epic?

  1. 2-in-1

Why restrict yourself to one activity when you could do two? Like tanks? Like paintball? Put them together and you’ve got an outrageously good time for all involved.

  1. Educational

Driving a tank will teach you new skills and a bit about the unique world of tank warfare. Whilst these are skills you might not easily be able to bring back into the workplace (take note driving instructors) they give you a chance to try something totally different, unusual and highly unique.

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