5 Things Of New Zealand That Would Surprise You If You Are A First Time Visitor

5 Things Of New Zealand That Would Surprise You If You Are A First Time Visitor

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries located in the Southern Hemisphere. The quality of life, health, and education is praiseworthy here. For your friends and relatives staying here, you can get gift delivery in New Zealand easily using an online gift shop. Have a look here in case you are going to visit New Zealand for the first time.

New Zealand is not same as Australia

Many people still have a doubt that New Zealand and Australia are same. Please check the Atlas map once and then start your journey! On the North Island, the ties look closer to Polynesia and in the South Island, it looks like Scotland and the natural view reminds of Ireland or Canada or the Alpine regions. Shed all your preconceived notions and enjoy your stay in New Zealand.

Yes, Auckland is expensive

If a city is expensive, that’s probably a sign of high economic standards. That’s the same with Auckland. In a survey of 44 cities, Auckland was ranked the number 1 in terms of expenditure incurred by people. A cup of coffee, a bottle of wine, a three-course meal, etc. is really costly here. As per Mercer Global Lifestyle Index, Auckland is ranked the third-best lifestyle city in the world. So, during your stay here, you must enjoy this upmarket flavour, and of course, don’t forget to get great gifts to New Zealand for your friends and relatives staying there.

Rugby is not only a sport in New Zealand

What Bollywood and cricket are to India, rugby is just that to New Zealand. Rugby is not only the way for the Kiwi people to come together but it is also their national pride. The whole nation goes into mourning everywhere in café’s and offices if the country loses the game in any tournament.

Napier has the world’s largest collection of art deco buildings

There was a massive earthquake in Napier, New Zealand in the year 1931 and that shaped the city into its current form. The stripped classical, Spanish mission and especially the art deco buildings are the pride of New Zealand truly. Napier has been nominated to become a UNESCO world heritage site for boasting a beautiful collection of art deco buildings. Nowhere else in the Southern Hemisphere would you find such a sight!

Kiwi People simply love their Tip Top ice cream

As per the Kiwi people, their Tip Top ice-cream is the best in the world and hokey pokey, a famous flavour, is sold over five million litres annually. Can you just believe the numbers? The people of New Zealand are also huge fans of the chocolate-coated marshmallow fish and pineapple lumps. So, you must try these things while enjoying your vacation in New Zealand.

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