Why Today’s Manufacturing Workers Are Demanding More

Why Today’s Manufacturing Workers Are Demanding More

The manufacturing industry is currently growing and expanding, but bosses are worried about the manufacturing workforce. As previous generations retire and demand increases for more manufactured products, there is a clear need for a larger workforce, but current workers are unhappy.

This presents a huge problem for the industry. Manufacturing bosses and managers are noticing an increased demand for products, so it is their goal to hire more staff and produce more products, but sadly turnover rate are high and employees say this is because of the money.

The root of the problem

This problem is caused by money (or rather the lack of money). The current minimum wage in the UK is over £7 for over 25s, but many employees complain that this isn’t enough for the demanding, laborious work that they do. They believe they deserve a pay raise or more perks but employers are struggling to find the money, so they are starting to consider moving their businesses abroad.

Outsourcing the work means that employers can charge less and hire more people, which is good for their business but it can have a very negative effect on the economy. Over time, this can cause serious problems, especially if the unemployment rate increases, so it is important for businesses to consider how to make manufacturing jobs more appealing to British workers.

Finding a solution that benefits everyone

One way companies can afford to pay more to their employees is by spending less on other things. For instance, bosses can invest in smart products, such as a vacuum conveyor, to find out more about conveyors, as this means they don’t need to hire as many staff. This frees up money to pay current employees, and it also makes their work less stressful. This is ideal as it benefits both the employer and the employee, so everyone is happy.

It is important to make sure that employees feel valued and important, especially at a time when so much manufacturing work is being outsourced to other countries. This will reduce the turnover rate as employees will stay with the company for longer. So if your employees believe that they are being underpaid, you may want to consider looking into ways to free up money so that you can increase their wages.

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