What Engraved Stationery Does For Your Image

What Engraved Stationery Does For Your Image

Engraved stationery remains popular for formal letters and correspondences the world over. Not only does engraving impart a classic look and feel to stationery, but it can also create a positive impression for any professional or personal image.  Here are a few ways engraved stationery can influence how others perceive you.

Engraving makes your message powerful yet understated

Engraving catches the eye—but in a totally different way from a modern glossy print. Where modern prints tend to be vibrant and “in your face”, engraved stationery simply commands attention.  Engraved stationery tends to look more credible, more valuable, and more compelling than any modern glossy print does.

While you might not want to use engraved stationery on every single correspondence, because they may actually be too formal for some day-to-day communications — unless formality is part of the image you want to maintain. In any case, most businesses will want to keep a stack of engraved stationery, as their understated yet bold quality is often the only thing appropriate for formal communications and invites for special occasions.

Engraving ties you to centuries of tradition

Engraving stationery gives it a look that harks back to a simpler, more polite time. Before photographic processes were introduced into printing, engraving was the way artists and printmakers added images to print. It was the standard method for adding images onto printed material from about 1790 to the early 20th century. All the formal letterheads from the era and nearly all the iconic illustrations and prints from the period were reproduced through fine engraving.  It continued to be used for formal invitations, letters, and standard letterhead because of the remarkable look and fineness of detail possible when using the engraving process.

This is the same reason that today, dollar bills are still printed largely through hand engraving – modern offset and digital printing processes cannot easily duplicate the fine lines of an engraved print, and the skill needed to reproduce engravings by hand is beyond the capability of any ordinary forger.

Today, plates are generally made through laser cutting, though a graphic designer will still need to draw up a design by hand. Even with modern conveniences, engraving stationery is still a very labor-intensive – though worthwhile – process.

It shows you care for the little details

The processes behind engraving require a keen eye and years of experience to properly master. It’s very much a highly skilled craft, involving etching lines onto a metal plate either with hand tool or machines. This metal plate is then used for making an imprint on paper. Creating engraved stationery, especially by hand is an incredibly exacting process, demanding the same level of craftsmanship required to make fine jewelry.

The fact that you spent the time and resources to invest in engraved stationery won’t escape your recipients – though they might not consciously know it.  Engraved printing produces a vibe that is fundamentally different to most common everyday objects, and it certainly has a more classic look and feel compared to other prints you might get in the mail, making it far more likely your recipients will notice, read, and respond to your message.

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