What Are The Cocktail Trends For 2019?

What Are The Cocktail Trends For 2019?

The ever-popular cocktail is still right on trend as we move into the new year, so here are our predictions as to what will be popular to drink in 2019.


In the past, cocktails have consisted of complicated ingredients, a busy menu, and an over-prepared taste. Consumers are starting to prefer their drinks to be simple but tasty. A focus on fresh ingredients of a high standard is important, with classic spirits and a mastery of temperature and balance. Good use of ice, simple menus, and high-quality spirits are essential.

Looks-wise drinks will be seen to have a simple appearance, with a focus on glassware and ice rather than aesthetics such as smoke and flames that have been popular recently. Instead of staff putting on a show, drinks will be served simply with bartenders having real knowledge of their product, helping consumers to recreate their favorite cocktails at home.


According to the Guardian, the number of adults consuming alcohol is at its lowest since 2005, but it is only just becoming clear that there is a gap in the market for non-alcoholic adult drinks that move away from sweet, fizzy pop.

Companies such as draught soft drink suppliers have begun to develop drinks that can be prepared and mixed with other ingredients like cutting-edge non-alcoholic spirits to make delicious, innovative drinks for those who do not wish to drink alcohol. Soft drinks such as those available at are combined with herbs, spices, fruits, and alcohol-free spirits so that customers can enjoy the bar experience, whether it be with alcoholic cocktails or no alcohol at all.


With the recent news surrounding the overuse of plastic straws, paper napkins, and single-use coasters, a big focus for bars in 2019 will be sustainability. We will see bars using metal straws, and leather coasters, and less wastefulness.

Ingredients are also a big issue, with many consumers wanting reassurance that produces has been sourced sustainably. Bars will be seen to involve themselves with local produce and seasonal ingredients, with staff knowing where the produce comes from and the food miles it has traveled. This awareness of the link between producer and bar will be an attractive prospect for the modern drinker as we attempt to tackle environmental issues.

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