Various Signs Of Learning Difficulty And The Ways Of Coping With It

Various Signs Of Learning Difficulty And The Ways Of Coping With It

From the very early days, there are some students start facing difficulty in learning and academics. Coping with curriculum, everyday activities is a big challenge for such students. There are those students who find it difficult to follow the instructions given by the teachers at the school. They cannot read or write at the same pace as other students can do. Inability in reading, writing or lower learning levels can lead to lower self esteem, peer rejection and utter shame of oneself. Such students fall under the category of those having learning difficulties. There are various symptoms of learning difficulty Cheshire and the ways of coping with them. Learning difficulty is actually characterized by having chronic difficulty in reading, writing. Instructors can adopt special learning strategies in order to cope with the difficulty. Teachers and parents can give more attention to those having learning difficulty.

Symptoms of learning difficulty Cheshire

There are students who have difficulty in reading and are dyslexic. Others can have problem in writing or suffer from dysgraphia. It is only by testing and diagnosing that you can come to know about learning difficulty in the student. Accordingly, you can enroll the child’s name in some special program to help the child. The first and foremost sign of learning difficulty is poor class performance, disruptive behavior and low self-esteem. Some of the signs of learning difficulty Cheshire are:

  • Poor classroom performance
  • Difficulty in discriminating the color, shape or size of items
  • lack of speed in completion of a task or homework or classwork
  • Confused at classroom instructions
  • lack of organizational skills
  • hyperactive
  • easy distraction
  • inability to attain developmental milestone whether it is physical, social, cognitive or motor

Ways of coping

As a parent, you need to accept that your child has a learning difficulty. You have to be as patient as possible. Set realistic demands and expectations from your child. Try and listen to your child as much as possible. This will give more confidence to the child. Highlight on the strengths, abilities and interests of the child and try to motivate him/her all the while. Try and involve the child in social activities and let others know about your child. Take help from others and invite their cooperation in the process. Pat your child’s back as much as possible when he/she does something good. Praise your child for even the smallest of good deed. Do not nag or scold the child but rather correct the mistakes. Allot activities that involve more number of people. Get rid of all such things from your home that distracts attention. Help your child to develop confidence and self-esteem. Take help from specialists and teachers whenever necessary.

Always keep in mind that the child with learning difficulty Cheshire needs a lot of love and care from your side. This is the only way the child can cope with difficulties. Try and read out more and more inspiring stories to generate interest and to keep him motivated. There are various kinds of learning difficulties and so the ways of coping will differ.

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