Weekend Getaways In One Of Asia’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations?

A holiday in the beautiful country of Thailand is filled with exotic adventures, beautiful beaches, coastal resorts and incredible entertainment in the city. You can plan a weekend away at the quaint vacation stays with beautiful sights of the sea or remain in a contemporary hotel in the town. The rise in the number of visitors to the area means that more people from across the world are showing genuine interest in visiting the city and its surrounds. The following reasons to travel in Thailand will have you making plans for your next getaway. 

Hidden Treasures in Thailand ​

Thailand is considered an exotic country with a tropical climate. Phuket is a major tourist destination full of beautiful sights and things to do for the entire family. While this region is a very popular tourist destination, it is just one of the many striking locations you will come across during your travel across Thailand. ​

Reasons to Travel in Thailand ​

The Lampang region is on route to Chiang-Mai that includes a very relaxed atmosphere and restaurants lining the surrounding river banks. You can also visit a great number of the Buddhist temples while admiring the natural sights. Lampang is home to the Thailand Elephant conservation centre where you and your loved ones will have the opportunity to view an entire hoard of elephants enjoying a bath. ​

To the north of Thailand, you will find Phetchabun. The province is the perfect travel destination for nature lovers. The national parks in this area house elephants, tigers and various species of wildlife. Tour goers can enjoy the striking forests and mountain peaks and waterfalls. ​

East Thailand is home to Trat. It is well recognized for Koh Chang or its extended island chain. This region possesses up to 52 islands that are often not explored and best known by the local communities. You can discover a beautiful tropical island or you can spend your time relaxing on the beach. ​

Plan your holiday to spend enough time exploring the beauty and the culture of the country. Thailand is a tourist hotspot but if you move just outside of the city, you will find many of its natural hidden gems from exploring Buddhist temples and statues to national parks and beaches. The region is also recognized for its many fitness facilities with a special focus on an ancient sport, Muay Thai. Not only can you learn the foundation of this practice but also attend a camp on your next holiday. ​

Muay Thai Camp for Your Next Holiday

Muay Thai remains a favorable practice in the region. Many tourists wish to learn the sports art because it facilitates full function, stabilises your core and helps you lose weight. The fitness training has received increased attention as you can remain at a holiday camp while learning the techniques and discipline of Muay Thai. All methods are taught by highly skilled and experienced instructors.  Martial Art can be Considered the Top Sport for Boy – Chalong Muay Thai is a good camp. You can stay at the camp and engage in the activities and support provided by professional guides. Not only is it highly beneficial for improving your well-being but delivers a unique experience of your stay in Thailand. ​

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