Eight Unique Uses For Silicone Hoses

Rubber has been slowly being usurped by silicone for some time now and in all manner of uses. Although the two products are both elastomers, silicone is harder wearing and more flexible than rubber and it can last several years longer without the need to be replaced. It can also withstand higher levels of heat and pressure making it far more suitable for some uses. Here are a few more unique uses you may not have thought of.

Food industry

From milking to coffee machines and brewing to food manufacturing silicone hoses are popular in the food industry.

Milking machines have a huge amount of piping within them that needs to work under vacuum pressure to ensure the milk is extracted as efficiently as possible. Silicone performs really well in a vacuum and has been the piping of choice of dairy producers for some time.

Hoses in coffee machines need to both withstand high temperatures and seal well to prevent steam from escaping and causing injury to operators, silicone fits the bill perfectly for this purpose.

In homebrewing, silicone piping is an invaluable piece of kit to allows you to syphon the liquid from one container to another without allowing air in. It’s also useful because it comes in a variety of sizes and diameters suitable for whatever type of kit you’re using. If you’re looking for silicone hose manufacturers to buy from, companies such as.

Silicon tubing is also used in any number of food and pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses to transport products too, although there are strict guidelines around the transport of food products and the Food Standards Agency provides advice and guidance.

Car detailing

Aside from its heat and pressure-resistant qualities silicone comes in any number of fancy colors and petrol heads often replace existing rubber pipes with silicone so that their vehicle looks good inside and out.

Other unusual uses

Silicon piping is also regularly used in aquariums as part of the filtration system, as it provides a good seal and lasts longer than traditional vinyl tubes. Hookah pipes also often use a long thin piece of silicone tubing that allows the smoke to cool down before it’s inhaled. Catheters are now more likely than not made of silicone too because of its heat resistant and inert qualities.

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