It’s Chilly For The Penguins

It’s Chilly For The Penguins

Penguins are one of the most community focused and surprising birds around. It is well known that penguins cannot fly – well not as we know it! Although they cannot take flight in the air, these remarkable birds actually fly underwater. Using the same actions with their rudder like wings, as other birds do in flight, penguins glide through the water with ease and grace.

Penguins are found in the wild in the Antarctic Region and these harsh conditions are one of the reasons for their sense of community. During freezing weather dropping to temperatures as low as -20 degrees and storms with hurricane-force winds these birds will huddle around each other sharing their body warmth. Unlike us theycannot search for Boiler Installation Gloucester companies such as to help improve their heating situation.

The penguin faces the most extreme of conditions. The temperature can drop to below minus forty degrees, the kind of conditions where water can freeze instantly, and frostbite is a given. Not so for the penguin. Its feathers and natural skin cover, plus fat reserves enable it to survive in these incredibly harsh conditions. Its feathers allow it to glide through the water and resist the cold and the water itself. As they emerge and shake themselves the water is dispersed and does not freeze to the bird so that it is free to carry back food, and more importantly keep moving so that their body heat and circulation is maintained.

The most interesting feature of the penguin’s lifestyle is definitely the way in which the birds go through the protection of the Egg’s they produce and the way that the birds all work together to protect not only their eggs but also each other in a n example that is an inspiration to humans. Firstly, the care of Egg’s. Unlike many other creatures the penguin shares the care of the egg between the two adults. Whereas elsewhere in nature the male remains to protect and care for the egg on an equal footing as the female. This even extends to a share of hunting. First the female will leave the male with the egg to protect it. Incubation of the egg is not just the females. She will go and find fish and food to bring back for them both plus any other young they may have who also work on the warmth and protection of the egg. When the female returns the male sets off to hunt as this can take days. The female then starts the incubation. And so, it goes until the birth of the chick.

The most remarkable thing that they do is seen in the link above. As is the way with the South Atlantic and Antarctic Ocean the appearance of violent storms is a regular occurrence. The penguins flock together combining their body heat to protect the eggs and create a warmth, so they can all survive the cold and the conditions. The rotate in and outso that they all get a turn and maintain their heat.

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