5 Great Ideas For Instagram Stories

5 Great Ideas For Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a great tool for both businesses and individuals to help gain more followers. The trick is finding something interesting worth posting about. Here’s how you can use Instagram Stories to use to get your brand known.

Behind the Scenes

When you don’t feel that you have anything interesting to talk about, your followers will always find it interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes. It could just be an example of an average day, more information on an upcoming event, or give them exclusive sneak peaks that are for their eyes only.


Many brands use Instagram to connect with loyal followers, and what better way to do it than to follow a theme. You could have a weekly theme with a Q and A session, or ask your followers for an opinion. Do be careful with new features, and make sure you understand them fully before using them, otherwise you may be left as red-faced as these Instagram users.


This feature allows you to ask your followers questions in the form of a poll, which can then be answered by clicking onto the relevant sticker. It’s a simple way to create more engagement, and can also be quite fun.


Direct site traffic

You may be posting to Instagram to pique the interest of your followers, but you should always find a way to link them back to your site. This could be to a new product launch page or a new blog post and is a great way to drive traffic to your site. If you’re struggling to do so, you could look into alternatives, such as London professional SEO services. Do your research and ask for examples of their work before you commit. However, Elevate UK are a London based SEO Agency and could give you useful advice on how to maintain and build your site traffic.

Going Live

This is a great way to interact and build more buzz for your brand. You can either get your followers to send in questions beforehand which you can then answer live, or you can choose to Go Live with a Friend where you can pick individual followers to chat on the live stream. It can make your followers feel special and much more connected with you than they were previously.

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