Why Security Steel Doors Are Important?

Why Security Steel Doors Are Important?

With a variety of safety trends emerging globally, the significance of security steel doors cannot be underestimated. While the common belief perceives installing steel doors for banks, today a wide range of industries, businesses, schools, hospitals, and almost every other sector is swearing by the importance of deploying security steel doors for safety. With multiple ranges available in the security steel doors collection, the industry is catering to distinct needs. Today, we will be throwing light upon certain factors to demonstrate the importance and benefits of security steel doors for everyone.

Provides Safety To Property And Assets

Security steel doors by Premier SSL are dual certified which means that they have been approved for both LPS1056 and LPS1175 SR2 fire and security certification. This means they provide dual benefits of robust surface as well as fire protection. Security steel doors may have multiple purposes including acting as a barrier for theft, robbery, and vandalism, deterring crimes, aesthetics, as well as fire protection. This means, that by installing a security door you can also find assurance of resistance from both criminals as well as fire. Further, the installation of such doors also gives the idea that the owner is conscious of the safety of its staff and surroundings.

Maintains Temperature

Today, security steel doors are available with options for glazing. These are available in double as well as triple glazing. This means, the doors also work towards maintaining the temperature of the insides and hence will help you in cutting down electricity bills. With the assistance of the glazing feature, you can expect minimal heat during summer and minimal cold during winter. This means you can reduce the usage of air conditioning and heating plants respectively. This feature will allow you to also keep the shelf life of assets safe inside the premises in case the doors are deployed outside warehouses of the food industry.

Versatile Usage

Indeed, the security steel door by Premier SSL is most appreciated for being multipurpose. They are great for providing safety to all sorts of premises from residential to commercial and assuring serving a safe environment for the people who own the space. While earlier, such doors were used majorly by industries, today even schools, hotels, and hospitals are using them to create a safe and secure environment for their users. They are today becoming an essential part of any modern home décor, venues, offices, etc. also owing to their aesthetics. They are available in options such as louver doors, solid steel doors, fire doors, triple and double-glazed doors, and more as per the client’s requirements.


Security steel doors are a great idea to help prevent crimes and provide your building with a solid entrance that reflects strength. With dual certification, these doors offer a win-win solution to its owners in assuring a healthy, safe, and protected space for them and their loved ones.

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