How To Prepare For NEET Biology Examination

The students who want to go ahead with their medical studies should always be aware of the tricks and tips that will help them to get through the NEET examination.

One needs to know the NEET biology courses and start their preparation right from class 11 as the syllabus can carry some equal distribution of questions from both class 11 and 12. The biology section of the NEET examination question paper comprises of 90 questions in a total of 360 marks.

Preparation for NEET biology requires a candidate to be thorough with the NCERT as the syllabus and questions for the biology are almost entirely based on it. Candidates undergoing their NEET Biology preparation must understand the concepts included in the syllabus and practice the questions based on their application. Here are some ways to prepare for this examination.

Know and divide the syllabus

Students who are preparing for this NEET biology examination should be familiar with the fact that the syllabus for this examination is vast and it also requires some deep understanding.  The biology portion actually comprises of total 38 chapters from both the classes and it is a good idea for the candidates to divide the syllabus when studying.

Plan out the Study Schedule

An effective plan of study goes a long way especially when it comes to preparing for NEET biology keeping the entire syllabus in perspective. The time for each of the topic within the syllabus of NEET must be allotted according to the importance of the topics. It is also important that one adheres to the study schedule and includes changes in it as one progress.

Choosing the right books

This is a very important factor. If you do not select the right books to study then you might end up not preparing the right way for the examination. Always go for quality resources when it comes to study materials. One can also take recommendations from teachers or students who have already succeeded in the examination. They can help you the best to select the books.

Design tables and charts

Summarise your study in the form of charts and tables. This will act as a quick revision strategy for the exam days. Utilising personal keywords that will enable to remember would prove to be the most useful. Try and include important applications and examples in these charts.

Practice earnestly

Those candidates who are preparing for the NEET examination have to have a proper understanding of the concepts and also need to practice it on a regular basis. there are a number of NEET examination papers available from previous years that one can try and solve so that they can have a clear idea on how much prepared they are and how they can improve themselves up. Also, they get a better idea about the question patterns of the examination.

Take up mock tests

There are many coaching centres that are ready to set up practice centers across the country in various places so that candidates can practice taking online tests. Aspirants should, therefore, take up as many mock tests as possible to enhance their preparation for NEET biology.

One can also prepare for NEET biology online as this is also a way to prepare for the examination.

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