Unexpected Problems With Last Minute Travel Booking

Booking last minute holidays can be exciting, but it can also leave holidaymakers in the dark. If you book a last minute holiday with a travel agent you’re not familiar with, you run the risk of something going wrong.

Last-minute holidays don’t leave much time for research into things like your resort, accommodation and facilities if you’re going somewhere for the first time. Below is a guide to what unexpected problems may await you on your last minute holiday if you’ve booked with a travel agent you don’t know much about.

Poor quality accommodation

Many travel agents will not tell you where you’re going to be staying when you book last minute holidays. Being allocated your accommodation on arrival has the potential to make or break your holiday. Think about it; would you go for a job interview without knowing who the company was? Unfortunately there is still a lot of poor quality holiday accommodation throughout Europe, a lot of which is given to people who book last minute holidays with disreputable travel agents.

Lack of facilities

Last minute holidays can be a real bargain if you book them at the beginning or end of the season. However, you should be aware that the resort facilities may not all be fully up and running when you go. A good travel agent will make you aware of this before taking your money, but there are some out there who won’t. Spending a week or two in a resort where many of the restaurants, clubs, bars and attractions are closed could spoil your time abroad.

Hidden charges

In the rush to book last minute holidays online, people are often hooked in by the headline price. You should be aware this is often unlikely to be the full price you’ll pay. While lots of travel agents will be upfront and clear about everything you need to pay for, others can be a bit underhand. Things like putting additional surcharges in smaller print under the main price and not mentioning there is a credit card surcharge are just two ways some companies try to apply hidden charges to last minute holidays.

Going on last minute holidays shouldn’t mean you have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Travelling into the unknown is not a great way to start your break and your trip could turn out to be holiday hell rather than a little taste of paradise.

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