Know The Cool Tips And Tricks For Dog Photography

Animal photography is an interesting thing to do also makes for a great hobby. All you need is a pet that cooperates well and also, that to know all the tricks to get the best out of the dog photography. Dogs, specifically are a great animal for photography. They allow you to capture their moods, their behaviour so well. If you are still contemplating capturing dogs, then don’t wait; go for it and become the next Mr Dography.

How to get the best out of your dog photography session?

This article deals with the points you need to keep in mind before attempting your first Mr Dography session.

Clear the clutter: When you are getting into the dog photography mode and want to capture the best photos, you want to focus on the dog only. It thus becomes important for you to clear out all the clutter or extra props that are lying around. Get a clearer background and include only those props or things that would add value to the photo.

Relax: You know the best photos are captured when the person is relaxed. The same applies to the dogs as well. They need to be calm and relaxed before their photography session begins.

Get the eyes and the expressions: Eyes are expressive and can bring out the best of emotions in a photo. Focusing on the dog’s eyes will provide the same effect. You need to be ready with your camera when you feel there are the best expressions exhibited.

Shoot in a natural habitat: Shooting in a natural habitat has comfort in itself which can relax the dog. Go for an outdoor shoot or a play area, which will bring out the playful side of the dog and help you get the best photos.

Light factor: shooting in natural light is the most recommended. However, you can go for a place where you have maximum light falling on the subject to get the best portraits of the dog.

Capture relationships: If you are looking to capture some emotions, then going for the owner and pet relationship can be the best idea. Get the owner to play with the dog or let both of them do some random activity to shoot their bond on camera.

Use the Burst mode: This is an important technique. It comes in handy in case the dog is giving multiple expressions or when you want to capture every single playful thing the dog does. Burst mode allows you to take photos in quick succession, clearly.

So, before you actually venture into being Mr Dography, try using these tricks and you can see the magic of dog photography coming alive!

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